Excelsior College Taps TCS to Improve Faculty and Staff Experience Given Rapid Popularity of Online Degrees

New Delhi : Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) (BSE: 532540, NSE: TCS) is helping Excelsior University, an accredited, not-for-profit online institution, improve the overall faculty and staff experience. TCS will support the college’s mission by enhancing the student information system, which hosts the user experience for staff, faculty, and students.

The rapid acceleration of digital transformation and technology adoption is creating jobs that require newly formed specializations, which is prompting the need for the current global workforce to reskill or upskill. In fact, a report by WEF states that more than 40% of workers globally will require reskilling by 2025. The accessibility, flexibility, and safety of online distance education programs is making them a popular option for pursuing new or advanced degrees.

To address this opportunity, Excelsior has engaged in a multiyear initiative to stabilize and modernize its legacy student information system with a transition to AWS Cloud. With the foundation in place, the partnership with TCS will enable Excelsior to focus on strategic initiatives and solutions that further enhance the student, faculty, and staff experience.

“Technology gives us the ability to scale almost infinitely, so growth must be handled in a responsible manner to ensure the student, staff, and faculty experience is not only preserved but enhanced by our transformation,” said Ron Chesbrough, Interim Chief of Staff, Excelsior University“TCS’ partnership is central to expanding our digital capability and enabling staff and faculty to better serve our students.”

As part of this partnership, TCS will deliver high-value technical support, leading to shortened time-to-resolution for users and allowing Excelsior staff and faculty to focus more time on supporting students. Under a 10-year engagement, TCS will enable Excelsior’s Technology and Facility Services teams to initiate staff, faculty, and student-facing technology initiatives, including cloud migration of student information systems, modernization of quick classify and course annotation, and improvements to course registration.

“New industry-focused and job-ready courses are becoming more relevant for people following their passions or seeking out new career paths,” said Amit Bajaj, President, TCS North America.  “TCS is dedicated to helping Excelsior University modernize processes and leverage digital technologies to improve the student, employee and faculty experiences. We are excited to help Excelsior fulfill its core mission and drive growth.” 

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