“E-Waste Bin and Wall of Sharing” inaugurated on Green Action Week in Berhampur

Berhampur:  Berhampur, the ‘E-Waste Bin’ and ‘Wall of Sharing’ practice platform has been inaugurated by Commissioner Dr. Siddeswhar Baliram Bondar, Berhampur Municipal Corporation with presence of Mr. Amar Deep Singh, Senior Programme Officer of CUTS-International and Mr. Bibhu Prasad Sahu, Secretary YSD designed by Youth for Social Development, a local NGO in Berhampur. For the first time in Berhampur, YSD has developed and installed two ‘E-Waste Bin’ one at Sai Complex, Gandhi Nagar and another at Mayuri Tower Complex, Girija Square in Berhampur. Berhampur Municipal Corporation (BeMC) has been responsible to collect the discarded electrical or electronic devices from the e-waste bin. “E-Waste is the fastest growing category of waste in the in the world. The moment it is dismantled, it has hazardous effect on health and environment as it contains harmful chemicals and heavy metals,” said BeMC Commissioner. E-waste has trace amounts of valuable metals and rare earth elements that need to be extracted and reused. It also contains toxic chemicals such as lead, mercury, cadmium and arsenic which are harmful to human health and environment. Used, worn-out keyboards, cables, modems, mobiles, cameras, CA drives, adapters, cassette players, hair dryers, chargers and phones can be dropped in the e-waste bin for safe reuse, refurbish and recycle.
The ‘Wall of Sharing’ is a simple concept that’s fast catching up across India a concept of circular economy. The message on the wall is plain and clear – “If you have something in excess, leave it here. What you need, take from here.” People from all walk of the society come and share their belongings in the wall and the ones in need, pick up things for their use. This is the third Wall of Sharing in Berhampur now at Dhobabandhahuda Slum has been inaugurated by Mr. Amar Deep Singh of CUTS-International. This has been developed by Youth for Social Development in partnership with the Berhampur Municipal Corporation.
Youth for Social Development is a part of the Green Action Week-2020 Sharing Community theme supported by the CUTS-International and Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, Sweden since 2017. YSD has been persistently campaign to create awareness on collaborative consumption and citizen participation in making Berhampur a green and low waste city. It has bring city dwellers, civil society, city government, business, media and other stakeholders together to spread the idea and practice of ‘sharing community’ and ‘circular economy’ in Berhampur. YSD project coordinator Mr. Chandan Kumar Sahu,Tapas Kumar Patra and Sanjay Kumar Sahu coordinated the entire initiate.

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