Diplomats’ Day organised by TRIFED and Ministry of External Affairs at the Tribes India Aadi Mahotsav at Dilli Haat

New Delhi : In line with the  Prime Minister’s vision for Vocal for Local and building a self-reliant India, and to introduce the rich tribal heritage to international audiences, a Tribes India Conclave was organized in association with the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India at Tribes India Aadi Mahotsav on Saturday, 27th November 2021. The event was attended by around 100 diplomats from more than 20 foreign missions in India besides senior officials from the Ministry of  External Affairs and other ministries.

The dignitaries included diplomats from over 20 countries such as Poland, Kiribati, South Korea, Mexico, Thailand, Laos, Switzerland, Bangladesh, Maldives, US and Brazil to name a few. There were delegates from international organizations such as United Nations as well.

The dignitaries took a look at the stalls of the tribal artisans from across the country and showed their keenness to learn more about the unique handicrafts and traditions. With about 200 stalls on display which showcase products ranging from traditional weaves to jewellery and paintings and toys, the dignitaries were given a glimpse into tribal arts and crafts. In addition, there were live demonstrations by artisans on how to make pottery, Lac bangles and Gond paintings. Tribal artisans also performed a live puppet show at the event.

On the occasion, there was also a presentation by TRIFED, wherein the TRIFED officials welcomed the delegates to the Aadi Mahotsav and said that “This is a mini tribal India in one place where you can buy the best of tribal handicrafts and produce and sample the best of tribal cuisine and culture. TRIFED is working to bring these tribal artisans and forest dwellers into the mainstream and provide them access to larger markets. 500 such events are organised in an year – some on a smaller scale.”

The presentation dwelled further into the world of tribal artisans and forest dwellers and gave them some insight into the tribal artistic traditions and TRIFED’s initiatives in empowering them and bringing them into the mainstream. A lunch for the delegates was also organized where they sampled some exotic tribal dishes such as Mutton Seekh Kebab from Jammu and Kashmir, Fish Pakoraa from Odisha, Chaman Paneer from Jammu and Kashmir, Besankigatteki sabzi from Rajasthan, Mutton and Chicken Banjara Biryani from Telangana, Bajra and Makkeki Roti from Madhya Pradesh and Moong ka halwa from Gujarat.

A special show on Tribal Handicrafts, Handlooms and accessories curated by Gramin Vikas Chethan Sansthan, Barmer has been scheduled for tomorrow evening. It will give a glimpse into the rich artistic tradition and craftsmanship of the tribals and showcase their unique products.

The AadiMahotsav, a mini-India all under one roof, is a one-stop gifting destination that caters to different types of needs. From the natural and immunity-boosting tribal produce such as dry amla, wild honey, black pepper, dalia, chilli, ragitriphala, and lentil mixes such as moong dal, urad dal, white beans, to artefacts such as paintings be it in the Warli style or  Patachitras; from jewellery handcrafted in the Dokra style to bead necklaces from the Wancho and Konyak tribes of the North-East to the rich and vibrant textiles and silks, namely Eri silks and chanderi silks; from colourful puppets and children’s toys to traditional weaves such as Dongria shawls and Bodo weaves; Toda embroidery and Kota-doria dupattas; from iron craft from Bastar to Longpi stone pottery; 1500 such items have been identified from which people can choose from.

A separate GI store which features renowned, exquisite items such as Rajasthan’s blue pottery, the Kota Doriya fabric, Madhya Pradesh’s Chanderi and Maheshwari silk, Bagh print, Odisha’s Pattachitra, Karnataka’s Bidriware, Banarasi silk from Uttar Pradesh, Darjeeling tea from West Bengal, Kala jeera from Himachal Pradesh, the extremely spicy Naga chilli, and the large cardamom from the North-east can also be visitedin the Aadi Mahotsav.

Geographical indication tagging has acquired a greater significance the past one year ever since the focus has shifted towards Vocal for Local and building an Atmanirbhar Bharat. TRIFED, Ministry of Tribal Affairs has been facilitating the promotion of GI Tag products along with tribal products and transforming them into a brand, symbolizing empowerment of tribal artisans. These initiatives will also help recognize and promote age-old tribal traditions and methods that is in danger of being lost due to urbanization and industrialization

Depending on the requirements and budget, these products can be customised into gift hampers. Packaged in premium organic, recyclable, sustainable packing material, designed by renowned designer Ms. Rina Dhaka exclusively for Tribes India, these make for ideal gifts for any occasion.


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