Croma Presents the Good Life Fest: Celebrate the Monsoon Season with incredible Discounts on Home Appliances

With the onset of rains, Croma has announced the launch of its monsoon campaign, the Good Life Fest. This campaign brings a host of offers and discounts on a wide range of home appliances, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable monsoon season for all. The sale will offer customers up to 50% off on a wide range of home appliances, including washing machines, water purifiers, air fryers, OTGs, microwaves, kettles, and more.
Be monsoon ready with gadgets that make our lives simpler and more comfortable every day. Croma has curated a list of home appliances that are a must-buy or upgrade for monsoon with their campaign, The Good Life Fest, to experience the joy of rainy days
Some of the highlights of the GoodLife Fest include:
Indulge in baking and roasting with up to 50% off on Morphy OTG, allowing customers to unleash their culinary skills.
Experience the joy of sipping hot beverages with Havells Kettle, available at an amazing discount of 48%.
Stock up on snacking essentials with up to 50% off on a wide range of products.

In addition to the exclusive offers, customers can avail themselves of exciting deals of up to 30 % off on Croma’s own range of products, like convection microwaves, OTG, and more.
With unpredictable rain showers and high humidity levels, drying clothes becomes a daunting task. Traditional methods of drying can often lead to dampness, musty odors, and even mold growth, affecting the quality and longevity of garments. To address this concern, Croma’s Good Life Fest has a range of washer-dryers starting at just INR 2071 per month for 12 months, an emerging category that combines the convenience of washing and drying clothes completely in a single appliance.
As the monsoon brings relief from the scorching heat, it also brings the potential risk of water contamination and water-borne diseases. To combat this concern, the Croma Advanced Copper Technology RO is now available at just INR 16,990, and the RO Water Purifier range starts at just INR 1210 per month for 12 months at Croma stores,, and on the TataNeu app. These Water purifiers feature state-of-the-art filtration technologies, ensuring the removal of impurities, bacteria, viruses, and harmful chemicals from the water supply.
The Good Life Fest at Croma is an opportunity not to be missed. Customers can visit their nearest Croma store or browse the Croma website to explore the extensive range of discounted products available during this monsoon campaign.

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