Covid-19: The Trepidation of Losing the Beloveds

By Satavisha Mishra

The SARS-CoV2 continues its reign over the globe even in 2021. As the name coronavirus has its roots in Latin origin which stands for ‘crown’, it barely seemed to be no more around for few months, but the upsurge in positive cases followed by 2nd wave of a new mutant of the same covid virus in the whole nation has left everyone terrorized.
The ongoing scenario of the corona pandemic, which has again compelled the state governments to impose lockdowns and shutdowns is not only responsible for derailing the country’s economy but also pushing the psychological state of the country’s population towards gloom.
The slightest thought of losing a family member or someone close, itself is very disturbing that no one would like to go through such tragic circumstances. On interacting with localities, Odisha Diary found about their vulnerable mental condition. “My husband is a government employee with a senior position at the office due to which he has to report to the premise every single day. The ongoing covid risk is so high that even if he steps out with utmost precautions the negative psychology keeps me worried, expressed Mrs. Mansi Jena, who is a resident of Laxmisagar.

“Both of my sons got stuck in Hyderabad due to their jobs and going through the news channels to stay aware of situations haunts me to death,” said Mrs. Anjali Padhi who resides in Cuttack’s CDA Sector-11. When your children are at home under your care, things are peaceful and the sense of satisfaction follows that is highly essential in these testing times. Even if your ward is earning a lot of money staying alone miles away from home, that money won’t suffice as the apprehension associated with the ongoing scenario kills us in this old age, Mrs. Anjali further added.
Now and then we all get to know about someone catching covid and then battling with it for life in the hospital. ‘X’ got admitted to ICU, ‘Y’ is low on oxygen, and we continue to receive such updates of some of the other acquaintances catching the coronavirus followed by undergoing the complex treatment. That breaking news, the constantly rising positive cases being revealed by the top headlines of newspapers and the most horrifying out of everything is living in the middle of cries, worries, and uncertainty.

Mr. P.K. Mishra of Jharpada, Bhubaneswar shared that, “no household is leading a life free of sorrows, every family is dealing with some sort of negativity and especially the locality where I live, majority of the families are covid positive and as the treatment, they all have isolated themselves and are under home quarantine.” “Recently, I have lost my office colleague who was detected with corona and was admitted to a covid hospital for the same. He visited my son’s threat ceremony in February and it is hard to believe that he has gone forever from this world, from this it is evident that how unpredictable life is,” Mr. Mishra further expressed with a heavy heart.
The transitional and revival phase of the universe has brought mankind to such a grisly juncture where we all live a dreadful life, anxious each moment and listen to pathetic cries as someone grieves the demise of their loved one. It is rightly said that after each night, comes a new day that is bright and full of opportunities. It’s just that few healings take a little longer than usual ones, but hope is a single aspect that defines every suffering in a worthwhile manner.

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