Content rules over technical aspects in the selection criteria of films at #MIFF2022: International Jury members

New Delhi : The International Jury for the 17th edition of Mumbai International Film Festival comprise of veteran film makers, editors, journalists, theatre personnel and producers from India and abroad. When they came together for an engaging #MIFFDialogues with media and delegates on the sidelines of festival, it turned out as an enlightening and informative conversation on film making, the importance of good content and the opportunities lay ahead for new and aspiring film makers.



Let’s hear in detail from the International Jury members of #MIFF2022:

Subbiah Nallamuthu

  • “It is difficult to expect technically sound films from first time film makers. But when there is good content and script, we will completely forget about technical aspects. We need to have separate category of awards for content, script and storytelling”
  • “New film makers need to concentrate on shorter, crispier and focused storytelling. Emotional and entertainment value is also important.”
  • “Learned a lot from the films at #MIFF2020. Kind of storytelling and approach followed by the film makers provides for good learning. It is a good experience watching them and judging them. ”


Mina RAD

  • MIFF is more than a film festival; it’s a place to exchange, a place to produce and a place to celebrate South Asian film production and international film production. At MIFF we have been watching with a lot of attention beautiful films with originality, beautiful storytelling and very good point of view.”
  • “Attracted to films displaying cultural identity of India. Interested to see how focussed are Films Division and #MIFF2020 to show the heritage of the past through films”
  • “While selecting films we also took into consideration the situation or circumstances in which the film maker is making the film. Content, narration, storytelling and the way script was written were all considered.”
  • “It is better to make short films rather than long films that make people leave the theatres. Short duration films has got better possibilities of distribution and marketing. Film makers with the help of Films Division should also try to send their films to the best short film festivals aorund the world.”


Dan Wolman

  • “Sometimes even when the film is technically bad, we find them more sincere and real. Too much of information will kill the emotion in the film. Some films at #MIFF2022 really touched my heart and make me cry”
  • “Films Division while producing films should encourage artists to not stuff up their films with lots of information. ”
  • “Disagreements do happen between jury members while selecting films for festival, but it won’t go to a fist fight. “


Jean Pierre Saire

  • “While selecting films I looked whether the film resonates with the life we are living now. Among those films we saw in the selection, most of them were involved in life. Really appreciate the conditions of screening and audition at #MIFF2022”
  • “All films were different with interesting content. The kind of research one puts in the making of the film is also considered while selection.”

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