Concrete action plan is being implemented in the eradication of sickle cell disease – Governor   MangubhaiPatel

New Delhi : Governor  Mangubhai Patel, Chief Minister  Shivraj Singh Chouhan and Union Health Minister Shri Mansukh Mandaviya took part in the workshop on holistic management of Sickle Cell disease at Indian Institute of Information Technology Designing and Manufacturing (Triple ITDM) in Jabalpur on World Sickle Cell Anemia Awareness Day. The workshop was organized by ICMR, National Tribal Health Research Institute and Department of Public Health and Family Welfare.

Governor Shri Patel said that Sickle Cell is a serious genetic disease and a challenge to humanity. If detected on time, the disease can be treated and the affected person can lead a normal life. The symptoms of Sickle Cell are apparent not only in the tribal community, but also in other communities. He said that the central and state governments are working on a concrete action plan for the total eradication of Sickle Cell. Its prevention and relief campaign is being run in 14 tribal-dominated districts of the state. Attention is also being given to health, marriage and rehabilitation assistance of sick persons. He said that screening and testing should be done expeditiously for the diagnosis of Sickle Cell disease, which should be completed in the next 6 months. He told to initiate wide publicity and bring public awareness, so that Sickle Cell can be treated in time. Yoga and Ayurveda can also help to lead a better life.

Governor Shri Patel said that comprehensive and effective efforts should be made to fulfill the roadmap given by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi for the eradication of Sickle Cell. People should be informed about this disease through house to house visits and after identifying the disease, steps should be taken for its treatment. Every person of the society must contribute by becoming a participant in the campaign. He said that we should start working from today itself to get rid of Sickle Cell disease. In the Hemoglobinopathy Mission in Madhya Pradesh, work is being done to stop Sickle Cell from passing on to the next generation. He laid special emphasis on running screening, public awareness and treatment management programs in collaboration with the public for the prevention of Sickle Cell Anemia and Thalassemia. Governor Shri Patel said that under the Hemoglobinopathy Mission Project, digital health records of the victims can be maintained in the sickle cell portal.

Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that the Covid pandemic was controlled through social participation. Similarly, eradication of sickle cell anaemia will also be successful with people’s cooperation. For eradication of sickle cell anaemia, a public awareness campaign will be launched in all the districts of the state with people’s participation. Awareness will be created at various places through means of publicity like street plays, songs etc. Screening for identification of disease will also be expedited and necessary resources will be increased for this. Door-to-door screening was done in the Covid epidemic. Similar action plan will also be implemented for prevention and protection from sickle cell anaemia. He said that effective measures for the prevention of sickle cell disease would be taken through Yoga, Ayurveda and public cooperation. Task force will be formed at the state and district levels with public cooperation. The task force will secure the support of citizens willing to work for the eradication of sickle cell. Use new medical techniques in the treatment of the disease, so that this disease does not pass on to the next generation. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that sickle cell patients should not consider themselves alone, the state government is with them.

Union Health Minister Shri Mansukh Mandaviya said that this workshop is important for the eradication of sickle cell. Sickle cell disease is passed down from generation to generation. For its prevention, work is being done on a long-term action plan. In the Amrit Mahotsav of Independence, our aim is that everyone should be happy from the point of view of health. He said that Health and Wellness Centres are working for the overall prevention and management of sickle cell anaemia so that everyone should get the necessary health facilities. Necessary medicines and telemedicine facilities are being provided to the patients after conducting 13 tests. Health security is being given to the poor by giving them the benefit of Ayushman Bharat scheme. Efforts are being made on a large scale for the treatment of diseases like sickle cell, TB, Malaria, Thalassemia etc. Community participation is being sought in these efforts. When society and government work together, success is definitely achieved.

Public Health and Family Welfare Minister Shri Prabhu Ram Choudhary also informed about the works being done in the state for prevention and protection from sickle cell anaemia. He said that digital health records would be maintained in the sickle cell portal launched today under the Haemoglobinopathy Mission. For the prevention of sickle cell, it is necessary to diagnose it early, so that proper treatment can be provided in time. Care centres have been set up for the persons suffering from the disease, where patients are examined and treated.

Governor Shri Patel and Chief Minister Shri Chouhan released the awareness song with a single click and launched the animated video. They also visited the exhibition on Sickle Cell Disease. Mission Director of NHM Sushri Priyanka Das gave information about the management of sickle cell anaemia disease. Guest scholars told about the treatment of the disease. The programme started with the lighting of the lamp. MP Shri Rakesh Singh and other public representatives were present.

Sapling plantation

Governor Shri Patel and Chief Minister Shri Chouhan planted saplings in Triple ITDM Complex. He planted peepal, banyan and neem saplings. Public Health and Family Welfare Minister Dr. Choudhary also planted saplings.

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