Coal rakes diversion by NTPC behind Simhadari plant shutdown

Simhadari: Diversion of coal rakes entitled for NTPC Simhadari from Mahanadi Coalfields Limited (MCL) — an Odisha-based subsidiary of Coal India Limited — by NTPC management triggered shutdown of its 500 MW unit in Andhra Pradesh.

NTPC management had continuously diverted coal rakes from MCL entitled for Simhadari STPS to the Korba STPS and Seepat TPS which were running super-critical. MCL has been regularly offering coal as per programme of NTPC Simhadari to SEC Railway as well as East Coast Railways.

As on date, materialization of Andhra Pradesh-based thermal power station has been 95 per cent of pro rata ACQ (Annual Contracted Quality) for the month and 79 per cent for annual pro rata ACQ.

Between November 11 and 14, 2017, MCL has dispatched an average of seven rakes to NTPC Simhadari (i.e. seven, six, nine and six rakes respectively), which has been more than the supply of 5.5 rakes per day to the plant, as per the decision of the Sub-Group (MoC), whereas, a section of media reported shutting-down of a 500 MW unit at NTPC-Simhadari due to lack of coal.

MCL is committed to maintain continuous supply of coal to its consumers and with the cooperation of Railways the company has been successful in checking the growing demand-supply gap in the country. Yesterday 73 rakes were provided by railways to MCL for coal supply.

In the current quarter Q3, the supply of coal from MCL has crossed an average of four lakh tonne per day.
MCL has supplied about 82 million tonne coal to its consumers in the current fiscal and has sufficient stock to feed all power consumers, including NTPC Simhadri. The company had crossed 141 million tonne supply of coal to consumers during 2016-17, which had been the highest supply ever by any coal company in India.


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