Coal Ministry Reviews more than One lakh files during second and third weeks of Special Campaign 3.0

During second and  third week of Implementation Phase of Special Campaign 3.0, the  Ministry of Coal along with its PSUs have carried out various activities, identified during the preparatory phase of the Campaign.

The Ministry has freed approx.50,59,012 Sq. Ft. of area by disposing of scrap,  and generated revenue of Rs.28.79 crore. So far a total 1,08,469 physical files were reviewed, and 8,088 old files were weeded out. Besides, 29,993 E- Files have been closed online, after review of 80,305 E-files.

Best Initiatives: In addition to the targets above, the Campaign has paved the way for several good practicesAs part of best initiatives, the PSUs under the Ministry have undertaken the following initiatives: –

  1. Plastic to Paver

To tackle the menace of Single use Plastic waste, Eastern Coalfileds Limited has set up Solid Waste Management unit, which has transformed single-use plastic into a valuable resource. The campaign was executed in three key steps:

Efficient Waste Collection: ECL proactively collected solid waste from the Bankola Area Colony and collaborated with registered vendors to gather plastic waste from outside the leasehold area

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