Climate Change, a big threat to world community, however Solution is with us

By Somanath Sahoo, Journalist

Climate change is a big challenge before the world community. The world community congregated in Copenhagen in order to check climate change which is the biggest threat to the people around the world. All most all countries of the world are worried over the impact of climate change.

Tsunami, earth quake, storm, flood, glacier are the result of climate change around the globe. The heads of the nations are worried over its bad impact. They even pledge to reduce the use of carbon dioxide in their respective nations.

Industrial pollution, vehicular pollutions are major factors responsible for climate change. Similarly mass cutting of trees for setting of industries is a vital factor for climate change. As we cut down trees in mass numbers, the oxygen level becomes reduces. Simultaneously the level of carbon dioxide surge and this situation responsible for climate change.

The time has alerted us that if every people of the world would not be aware to check this problem, time will come when the human race would be at the verge of extinction.

Local Solutions

The Govt, should play a vital role to mitigate this problems. Sometimes govt agencies along with NGOs plant sapling. However, after some days they are not taken care. As a result the saplings do not get water and finally dried. So separate groups of people would be employed to look after these saplings as we nourish our children.

“A tree is like a child” this slogan should be wide spread. People should be aware and conscious over it. Not only the Govt. agencies every people should plant at least one sapling at their respective places. They should not think that after planting it their duties are over. They should take care it till the tree reaches at the adult state.

If everybody takes care of one tree, the problems must be mitigated by and large.

Use of LED Ball

Higher class and middle class People are using LED (Light Emitting Diode) bulbs. However, people of slum areas along with people of village areas do not use these bulbs. The Government of India has provided LED bulbs to the BPL(Below Poverty Line) people. However, they sell these bulbs to the middle class people and use Incandescent bulbs emitting high amount of carbon dioxide.

These sections of people should aware over the use of LED bulbs. As these people are illiterate, they don’t understand what climate change is and what would be its ramification.

Awareness through different types of street play should be done in these localities, so that they could understand the dreadful impact of climate change.

Mass sapling plantation

On June 5 every year world environment day is observed around the world. The Govt, agencies in association with school, college, university and other educational institutions, plant saplings on this particular day. The motive behind this noble work is that as much as tree would be existed in our environment, the level of carbon dioxide would be reduces. As a result we would get much relief from the ghastly impact of climate change.

Eco club in school

School and mass Education Department of Odisha government has directed all the schools to form an Eco club in school. One teacher is dedicated for look over the trees and forming a beautiful garden by the help of school students. Two things happen here. At first the the school become greenery and the trees emit adequate oxygen. Secondly the students become aware over the benefit of planting sapling inside school. Similarly, the teacher concerned arrange various essay, debate competition over the impact of climate change and how three mitigate this problems.

A teacher of a school in Odisha named Bhaskar Sahoo who is the head of Eco Club says that students are learning the impact of climate change through various debate and essay competitions held inside the school. This knowledge will help them in future. So that they could understand the problems of climate change and will chalk out plan over its solution.

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