Chhattisgarh’s power system will not be privatized

Raipur: All the works related to the power system of the state are executed by Chhattisgarh State Power Companies. Power companies under Chhattisgarh Government are committed to protect the interests of the consumers in the state. The performance of State Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution Company has received national acclaim. No proposal for privatization of such companies is under consideration with the state government. The aforementioned information was provided by Mr. Ankit Anand, Chairman of Chhattisgarh State Power Companies.

Describing certain reports about privatization of these companies as misleading, he said that no such decision has been taken to hand over the franchisee (privatization) of electricity system of any area in the state including Baloda Bazar. Furthermore, Mr. Anand informed that as per State Government’s policy, power companies have been providing satisfactory services to more than 56 lakh consumers of different categories in the state. To expand these services and facilities, ‘Electricity on Half Rate’ Scheme and ‘More Bijli Mobile App’ have been launched in the state for the first time. These are some strong evidences to prove that the reports about privatization of the company are false and baseless. Transmission, maintenance, billing, revenue collection and other related works of power distribution system across the state are being carried out by the power companies.
Dismissing the news published in media about the privatization of works such as meter reading, billing and revenue collection in Baloda Bazar as baseless, Mr. Anand said that it is State Government’s priority to protect the interest of consumers in the state and it is also paramount for company management.

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