Chhattisgarh would become the producer as well as the consumer: Mr. Bhupesh Baghel

Raipur: In the 15th episode of his monthly radio programme ‘Lokvaani’ today, Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel shared his views and State Government’s vision on “Useful Construction-Pro-Public Infrastructure and Your Expectations’.

Chief Minister asked people of Chhattisgarh to utilize the invaluable resources of the state and become prosperous and happy. Among the works of infrastructural development, works related to the completion of road, electricity and irrigation resource network have been prioritized so that people of the state may avail all the benefits of these infrastructural development works. Women Self-Help Groups in villages and innovation by talented youth of the state have already started paving new paths of prosperity. Chief Minister said that various infrastructures are being developed in the villages of state to benefit people on a larger scale. Narwa, Garua, Ghurua, Bari scheme has been started to save the four ‘Chinhari’ of Chhattisgarh. Gauthans are becoming the centers of multifaceted cultural, economic activities. The old tradition of Bari is being revived in the villages. New water resource policy for doubling the irrigation potential of the state has been taken the final shape. Vermi compost production is promoting organic farming. State government has made a roadmap for qualitative improvement in school education. Similarly, in the field of higher education, inclusion of courses based on value addition of local resources in universities, colleges, agricultural education and engineering colleges is being emphasized. State Government is making consistent efforts to develop entreprenuerial skills in youth and to generate employment opportunities for them. Efforts are being made to promote local development and create new employment opportunities by promoting tourism.

Listeners share their feedback on State Government’s scheme through Lokvaani

Welcoming the listeners on Lokvaani programme today, Chief Minister greeted people in Chhattisgarhi saying that “सब्बो झन ला मोर जय जोहार, नमस्कार, जय सियाराम। लोकवाणी मं आके मोला अब्बड़ खुसी लागथे, काबर कि हमन सरकार मं बइठके जउन निरनय लेथन, वो बात ल आप सब झन कइसे समझथव, अऊ योजना मन ल कइसे अपनाथव, ऐखर बारे मं मोला सब जानकारी लोकवाणी ले हो जाथे। आप मन ले गोठ-बात करके हमर आत्मविश्वास घलो बाढ़थे, अऊ काम करेके नवा रद्दा घलो मिलथे। तेखर बर जम्मो ‘लोकवाणी’ सुनइया मन ल, गाड़ा-गाड़ा सुभकामना अऊ धन्यवाद।“
‘Narva, Garva, Ghurua and Bari’ scheme has given a new direction to infrastructure development in villages’, said a listener
In his message recorded for Lokvaani, Mr. Bhupendra Kumar Sharma of Bematara said that after the formation of the new government, farmers have got a huge relief. Ms Rukmani Pal of Bamhani Gram Panchayat in Mahasamund district said that her Jai Maa Saraswati women’s self-help group made 200 quintals of manure from cow dung, and earned Rs 1 lakh 77 thousand. Mr. Nand Kumar of Arang said that the ‘Narva, Garva, Ghurua and Bari’ Scheme has given a new direction to the infrastructure development in rural areas.

30 thousand Narva identified for water conservation and promotion
Chief Minister told the audience that “Narva, Garva, Ghurua, Bari” is definitely our dream project, which has been started to save the four signs (Chinhari) of Chhattisgarh.Support of Panchayat and Rural Development, Water Resources Development Department, Forest Department etc. is being taken for Narva related work. About 30 thousand Narva have been identified and the development of about 5 thousand Narva has already been been completed. Earlier People used to assume Garua as development of cow, milk and livestock, But we gave it the shape of Gauthan. In this way, about 10 thousand gauthans have been approved for construction, out of which construction of more than 5 thousand gauthans has been completed. Now Gauthans are being identified as an infrastructure, which is not just a shelter for cows but also a center of cow dung procurement under Godhan Nyaya Yojana, and also a center for making and selling vermin-compost as well as for making other artistic objects using cow dung. In a way, Gauthans are becoming the center of multifaceted cultural, economic activities.

State Government aims to double the irrigation capacity of the state in next 5 years
Chief Minister said that our Narva Yojana is becoming an important medium of recharging groundwater in the state. Ministry of Water Power, Government of India has also appreciated our efforts in this direction. Projects in Bilaspur and Surajpur districts have received National Awards. We have overcome the shortcomings of the old water resources projects so as to expand the actual irrigated area. Besides we have also started several other major schemes. Apart from Bodhghat, 15 projects like Shekharpur Dam, Dhandapani Dam, Rehar Atem were being looked into. Our aim is to develop water infrastructure in state to such an extent that the irrigation capacity here doubles in the next 5 years. I also want to share the good news that the new water resources development policy of Chhattisgarh has taken the final shape. Soon the state will get a new gift for infrastructure development in the form of new water resources policy, said Chief Minister.
Villagers find the platform construction in paddy procurement centers useful
Mr. Rajesh Kumar Kanaujiya of village Dabrakhurd and Mr. Som Prakash Sahu of village Kosrangi said in their message in Lokvaani that the platform construction in Rural Service Cooperative Committee Jhaal Khamhariya and paddy procurement centers have proven to be extremely useful as it saves the paddy stock from damage. They thanked Chief Minister for the same.
Construction of 61 thousand vermi compost tanks and about 5 thousand pastures in Gauthans
In his address to the today’s episode of Lokvaani, Chief Minister thanked people for acknowledging and appreciating the positive changes brought about by the decisions of State Government. With the convergence of various schemes with Mahatma Gandhi NREGA, we are developing such infrastructure in every village, benefitting people on a larger scale. Along with the construction of thousands of Gauthans, nearly 61 thousand Vermi compost tanks have also been built and about 5 thousand pastures have been developed in these gauthans. Buildings are being constructed for aanganbadis without own building. Buildings for newly-constituted gram panchayats are also being built. Likewise, more than 8 thousand platforms have been constructed in paddy procurement centers to ensure safe storage of paddy.
Children of weaker sections of society will also have access to quality education in the English medium schools

In the today’s episode of Lokvaani, Mr. Kush Sharma of Korba said that Chhattisgarh Government has made significant progress in the direction of “useful construction and pro-public infrastructure”, which is directly benefitting the common people. State Government’s decision of opening English medium schools would provide easy access to quality education to the children of weaker sections of the society. He thanked Chief Minister for this decision.
State Government chalks out roadmap for qualitative improvement of school education

Chief Minister further said that we have created a roadmap for quality improvement in school education, according to which many activities are being conducted in the schools. These activities would help in overall personality development of the children and give them confidence to pursue their dreams and interests. The idea of ‘Swami Atmanand Excellent English Medium School Scheme’ has been introduced to improve the education facilities in government schools respectfully at par with private schools, so that children of poor and middle class families studying in government schools also have access to the quality education necessary for their bright future.
Youngsters taking interest in agricultural education

Vice-Chancellor of Indira Gandhi Agriculture University Professor SK Patil said that with promotion of agriculture and horticulture in Chhattisgarh and development of a wide network of 31 colleges in the state, youngsters have started taking interest in agricultural education. He thanked Chief Minister for the innovative idea of establishing production centre and companies of youth in Universities for their skill development. Kiran Maurya of Raigarh said that after opening of Late Nandkumar Patel Memorial University in Raigarh, students do not have to go all the way to Bilaspur for education related works.
*State Government has decided to take over Chandulal Chandrakar Memorial Medical College *
New medical colleges to be opened in Kanker, Mahasamund and Korba districts
Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel said that during COVID crisis, we realized that more medical colleges are required in the state. Chandulal Chandrakar Memorial Medical College in Durg district was finding it difficult to operate in private sector, hence we have decided to acquire it with the intention of enhancing the government medical education infrastructure. We are opening new medical colleges in three districts of Kanker, Mahasamund and Korba, thus our effort is to fulfill the lack of higher education infrastructure and help the youth of the state to build a better future.

Responding positively to the work being done by the state government to promote tourism, Mr. Madan Tirkey of Jashpur said that construction of an ethnic resort in Balachapar Sarna in Jashpur and Sarodha Dadar Resort in Kawardha has created opportunities for tourism development in backward tribal region. Prarthana Tiwari of Raipur said that Chhattisgarh Government is meeting our expectations in terms of useful construction and public infrastructure. We believe that the construction and infrastructure development work should be done for convenience of people and not just for show. In the last 2 years, we have observed that the government has paid attention towards encouraging public participation and enhancing public utility of development works.

Tourism promotion will lead to Local Development
Regarding the tourism promotion activities being conducted in the state, Chief Minister said that the state is undergoing a phase where attempts are being made to limit the tourism to a few popular centers and rather encourage the mall culture. World admires the efforts of infrastructure development to preserve the ancient heritages and natural beauty. But till recently, no adequate efforts were made in Chhattisgarh in this direction. So we are making extensive efforts to explore the tourism potential of the state. In the same sequence, infrastructure is being developed at Sarna-Balachhapar and at Koinar-Kunkuri in Jashpur district, at Kudar in Bilaspur district, at Dhankul in Kondagaon district, at Nathia Nawagaon in Kanker district, Maheshpur in Sarguja district. Efforts are being made to establish Sirpur on the world map as a historical Buddhist tourist destination. For water tourism and adventure tourism, we have named Maadam Silli Dame of Satrenga in Korba district, Maadam Silli Dame in Dhamtari district and Babu Chhote Lal Srivastava and Ravi Shankar Dam Gangrel, Malania reservoir of Gaurela-Pendra-Marwahi district, Dudhwa reservoir of Kanker district. Infrastructure is being developed at Khuntaghat-Ratanpur, Sanjay Gandhi reservoir in Bilaspur district, Kodar Dame in Mahasamund district.

Mr. Baghel said that 75 locations falling in the route of Ram Vanagaman Path have been marked for infrastructure development. Nince locations including Sitamarhi Harchauka, Ramgarh, Shivrinarayan, Turturiya, Chandkuri, Rajim, Sihawa Saptarishi Ashram, Jagdalpur and Ramram has been selected for the first phase, wherein infrastructure development work has been started. In Damakheda, Development work of Kabir Sagar has been taken up. Appropriate infrastructure is being developed around Bageshwari Temple located in the hill of Surajpur and the ropeway in Kudargarh. Raipur’s Budha Talab reminds us of ‘Budha Dev’ of Tribal community and also preserves the memories of Swami Vivekananda in Raipur. In this way, we have given priority to the development of affordable and healthy recreational places for common people.

While giving his views on State Government’s vision of infrastructure development, Mr. Naveen Aggarwal of Raipur said that it is great to hear a readymade attire industry has been opened in a remote area like Dantewada of Bastar, and the DENEX brand has been launched. He asked about Chief Minister’s vision regarding roads, electricity and connectivity. Geet Tiwari of Gevra, Korba district said that State Government has made cheapest electricity available in the country at half the cost.

Answering the queries of these listeners, Chief Minister said that I am happy to hear that the Dantewada brand DENEX was recieved with open arms capital city Raipur. I agree with you that Chhattisgarh is not just a consumer but a productive state. You will remember that I had said about electricity that we not only have to remain productive states, but also to become consumer states.

200 major bridges and culverts are being built under Jawahar Setu Yojana

Chief Minister said that under ‘Jawahar Setu Yojana’, we are building network of roads connecting to bridges and culverts. In two years, we have taken up the task of constructing about 200 big culverts and are completing it.

‘Mukhyamantri Sugam Sadak Yojana’: 2200 roads connecting government offices

Mr. Baghel said that under ‘Mukhyamantri Sugam Sadak Yojana’, around 2200 roads are being constructed, which connect the government offices. Places that suffer black out due to a natural disaster or accident, a network of electricity transmission and distribution has been developed in those zones, so that there would be a double-triple supply. Bastar is a great example of this. In addition, a network of power sub-stations, transmission and distribution lines are being spread across the state, due to which a new record of electrification has been created in the habitations and it became possible to fulfill the promise of reducing electricity bills. He said that in this way we stressed on balancing and expanding the infrastructure of the state.
New industrial policy is based on value addition to local resources
Chief Minister said that we have formulated a new industrial policy based on value addition to local resources. Revenue administration has been simplified in the state. Due to our methodology and reliability, investors’ understanding of resources such as minerals, agro-produce, forest produce has increased. Chhattisgarh is becoming the world’s favorite investment destination, as a result of our decisions, policies and schemes. I believe that following this path, many new brands will originate from the land of Chhattisgarh.

Mr. Manish Moolchandani of Bastar district described the commencement of air service in remote areas like Bastar as a commendable initiative of state government. Similarly, Mr. Renukant Joshi of Bastar thanked Chief Minister for upgrading facilities of Maharani Hospital of Jagaldpur.

Forest produce procurement from Bastar is the highest in the country

Chief Minister said in the context that we have been longing to hear such a news since long. I believe that NITI Aayog places Bijapur first in the delta ranking of 115 aspirational districts of the country. Infrastructure has an important role to play in the top ranking of districts like Kondagaon, Narayanpur, Sukma in the country. When most of the country’s forest produce is procured from Bastar during lockdown or if a new record is made for the purchase of paddy at the support price in the entire state, we know that infrastructure is an important factor in these achievements.


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