BIS Launches ‘Learning Science via Standards’ Series

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), the National Standards Body of India has announced the launch of ‘Learning Science via Standards’, a unique initiative for students for learning science via standards.

The ‘Learning Science via Standards’ initiative focuses on a series of lesson plans aimed to use scientific concepts, principles and laws to help students understand their practical applications in manufacturing, functioning and testing of quality characteristics of different products as stated in the relevant Indian Standards.  The subjects for the lesson plans are largely related to products used in day-to-day life and have been chosen based on their relevance to education as part of the course curriculum as well as to industrial applications.  BIS officials and resource personnel will transact the lesson plans to the students for an interactive learning experience. These lesson plans will also be hosted on the BIS website.

Further, the lesson plans would also serve as a means for the students of schools and colleges to appreciate the significance of quality and standards and empower them to boldly face the real life situations in any of their future endeavours. This is notable that, the ‘Learning Science via Standards’ series is in continuum with an earlier BIS initiative under which ‘Standards Clubs’ are being established in educational institutions across India.  Over 4200 such Clubs have already been formed with over one lakh student members.  To initiate the activities under these Clubs, more than 3400 science teachers have been trained to act as Mentors.

‘Standards Clubs’ undertake student-centric activities like debates, quiz and competitions, including standards-writing competitions. Students are also taken for exposure visits to industries and laboratories for witnessing the various manufacturing and testing processes as well as BIS offices which have been developed as learning spaces.  BIS provides financial support to these Clubs for undertaking up to three activities in a year.

Commenting on this initiative, the Director-General of BIS, Shri Pramod Kumar Tiwari, said, “The ‘Learning Science via Standards’ initiative is a step towards bridging the gap between theory and real life use of science education. It will enable students to relate the concepts of science to their actual applications and also promote a culture of quality and standardization in the country.”

The ‘Learning Science via Standards’ initiative is expected to benefit a wide range of students, including those in schools, colleges, and technical institutions. It will also contribute towards their capacity building to engage successfully in a variety of economic sectors in the country.

More information on this initiative is available on BIS website.

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