Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation intensifies campaign for PMAY

Bhubaneswar: The Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) has started a social media and public campaign across the city to popularise Prime Minister’s Awas Yojana (PMAY) Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and also through posters and hoarding. The intensive campaign is to popularise the concept among the urban populace to have concrete house of their own on their own land.
It can be mentioned here that while the civic body has completed 272 PMAY houses across the city, 1,093 houses are in the pipeline. From these houses while 421 are at roof-level, 121 are at plinth-level and 137 are at foundation-level. Also 414 houses under PMAY are to start.
As per the PMAY guidelines a person would be eligible to apply for a concrete (pucca) house if he/she holds own land of 25 to 30 square metre and the applicant should have the land records (records of right or ROR) in his/her name. The family’s annual income should be Rs 2.16 lakh or less. The applicant can choose a house model from the available five to ten models available with the civic body.
As per the guidelines an eligible beneficiary of PMAY has to complete his/house up to plint level within 90 days of getting work order. If the beneficiary fails to achieve this within 90 days, the work order would be cancelled and he/she has to apply again for work order. If all goes well with the construction, a beneficiary has to complete a house within six to 12 months of getting the work order.
For a house a beneficiary will get Rs 2 lakh as assistance in four instalments. The first instalment of Rs 40,000 will be released after excavation, second one of Rs 60,000 after lying down of plinth, third instalment of Rs 60,000 after completing the walls up to the roof level and the fourth instalment of Rs 40,000 after completion of toilet, plastering of walls, water supply and electrification etc.
The leaflets printed by the City Level Technical Committee (CLTC) looking after implementation of PMAY houses across the city, says ‘’if the person was found with not using the government money in building house the work order would stand cancelled.
The incentive by the Odisha Government for PMSY is that if a beneficiary completes the house within 120 days, then he/she will get Rs 20,000 as a reward. If the duration is within 180 days, then he/she would get cash reward of Rs 10,000. Apart from the land records in his/her name the beneficiary has to deposit several other certificates, proof and documents.