Bhubaneswar fashion’s Fest- A Raja celebration: Miss Raja Diva 2019


Bhubanswar: Miss Raja Diva 2019 is the premier fashion event that team Bhubaneswar Fashion is launching to establish the niche fashion format across all ranges of society in Odisha. Bhubaneswar Fashion will be hosting the event on the 16th of June 2019 on the third day of Raja signifying the celebration of womanhood at 9th Street Banquet Hall from 11 am onwards. The show is intended to be an annual fest of togetherness and the celebration of Raja.

Bhubaneswar Fashion’s Miss Raja Diva is dedicated to break stereotypes of the generic fashion world that revolves around gifted genetics. The idea is to find personalities rather than beautiful faces. It would be a collaboration of designers, Models, influencers and photographer creating a space for awareness and self-help for each participant. More than a hundred participants ranging from various fields of creative art are attending the event to rejoice the very art of fashion.

The show will assess participants on the basis of their ability to express themselves, talent to perform and their sense of fashion. With an impressive line-up of models, the stage will surely be a platform of new-age-fashion spectacle.

The fashion show will be judged by eminent luminaries- Actress Arundhati Devika, Annie Anubhuti & actor Sujeet Paikaray with famous photographer Asutosh, all of whom are dedicated artists who have achieved fame with years of work and experience. The judges will act as a source of inspiration for all the divas to walk, talk and show their talent on a scale so huge.

We look forward to welcome all collaborators, designers, press, and all of our fans.