“Bhata Mansha Salad”…. its home away from home

Bhubaneswar: Fresh homemade food is always delicious and it’s the ultimate choice of those people who stay away from their native placeand miss the taste of the traditional mother cooked recipes. To fill the gap, Bhata Mansha Salad (BMS), a desi restaurant with an objective to serve authentic homemade recipes, formally announced the opening of its 1st outlet through a press conference held at its restaurant premises near Sainik School, Bhubaneswar. The restaurant will serve the original homemade cooked rice and khasiMutton curry as its primary dish followed by a number of other desi odia dishes.
Founders of the restaurant came up with this idea, when they were once staying away from their homeland and missed their homemade food as a result of which they decided to start BhataMansha Salad and serve the people with the traditional homemade cuisines in a Fine dining restaurant. Consideringthe rapid increase of multi cuisine restaurants and various food courts in the state, founder, Susmita Patnaik said, “With the rise of various fast food restaurants like KFC, Dominoes and Mcdonalds somewhere we are forgetting our own traditional food recipes and the natural home ambience that we don’t get in a restaurant.There is always an opportunity to promote odia cuisines and develop a brand of that repute which will not only strive to cater the demand of foodies but also create an identity of its uniqueness”.
With the onset of summer and the harsh humid conditions of Bhubaneswar, the restaurant will serve the typical desi cuisine like, PakhalaSukhuaBhaja, PakhalaMansha Kasha, pakhalamachabhaja to its customers. Besides this the restaurant also serves several other non veg desi recipes like MachchaChencheda, Chingudichecha, PohalaSoriso/Pohala Fry, MahuraliThukthuka, SukhuaBhaja, Soriso Chicken,KalejaKassa, KeemaKaleja and few others.
The restaurant has also given options to its customers to have an evening snack infused in a desi tadka like KeemaPav, BhurjiPav, Paneer BhurjiPav, Chicken Dosa, MudhiMansha, AndaGuguniand Masala AndaBhurji. The recipes are pure and made with original ingredients to give a home like taste and experience to the customers. Finally a place that takes us back to roots.

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