Bharat today is a land of hope & possibilities; our Amrit Kaal is a launchpad for Viksit Bharat@2047 -Vice-President

The Vice-President, Shri Jagdeep Dhankhar today described Bharat as the land of ‘hope and opportunities’ asserting that our ‘Amrit Kaal’ is a launchpad for Viksit Bharat@2047.

Addressing the Centenary Annual Convocation celebrations of the University of Delhi, Shri Dhankhar drew attention to the monumental and phenomenal rise of India and highlighted that India today is exploding with possibilities and defining the global order.

Referring to India’s impactful rise on the international front as a global leader, the Vice-President underlined that “the world now recognises India’s soft diplomacy as a stabilising force and as the voice of the Global South .” he cited the inclusion of African Union and the announcement of the India-Middle East-Europe trade route in G20 as a resounding successes in this regard.

Exhorting the students to shake off the obsession with competitive examinations and look beyond usual job opportunities, Shri Dhankhar insisted “Bharat has expectations from you, not just as employees, but as innovators, entrepreneurs, and change makers”.  Future belongs to those who dare to dream bigger, bolder, beyond the ordinary, he told the graduating students.

Praising the transparent governance ecosystem in the country, Shri Dhankhar said, “dark clouds of corruption that cast a shadow over our nation for a period far too long have now vanished. Governance, rather than being an obstruction is now enabling- open, accessible, and serves the people, not a privileged few.”

VP further asserted that now opportunities are decided by merit and not by patronage. “Equality before law, quintessential to Democracy is no longer just a constitutional ideal, it is an acknowledged reality”, he stressed.

Stating that India is at the forefront when it comes to investment and research in disruptive technologies, the Vice-President described  initiatives like Green Hydrogen Mission and National Quantum Mission as new avenues of growth for the youth and asked them to make full use of these technologies for the benefit of the nation and society at large.

Referring to the youth as the most vital stakeholders in governance, the Vice-President called upon the discerning minds to neutralise those who engage in tainting and tarnishing our national image.

“Beware of those who have insatiable appetite to set afloat anti national narratives. Beware of those who have ostrich stance to our exponential phenomenal economic and developmental rise. Beware of those who are recipe for chaos when it comes to serve the Nation”, he cautioned.

Prof. Yogesh Singh, Vice Chancellor, University of Delhi, Prof. Shri Prakash Singh, Director, SDC, Prof. Payal Mago, Director, COL, Dr. Vikas Gupta, Registrar, faculty members, students and other dignitaries were also present on the occasion.

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