Bablu Babylon Se’ screened at IFFI52, a slow-burn satire on the need to preserve our environment

New Delhi : This is the message Bablu Babylon Se wants to convey.  The film is featured in the Indian Panorama non-feature section and its Director Abhijeet Sarthi interacted with the media at IFFI 52 in Panaji, Goa today.

Speaking about his inspiration on making the film, Abhijeet noted , “Through the film I am trying to say that even when we don’t take any side and stand neutral, still there are repercussions for it.”

People are ready to take messages but they have to be guided in that direction. “I want the audience to pause for a while and think about where they are going,” he added.

Sharing about how the movie took its final shape after filming, Abhijeet said that he wrote the script in 22 pages but after shooting he realised that he wants to show the film in slowburn way. “There are many shots in the movie which could have been removed without affecting the story, however I wanted these pauses, breathing spaces to remain in the movie, so that the movie could progress in its own mood. I want the movie to linger on the minds of the public for some time letting people soak in the wholesome experience of it.”

Speaking about the protagonist the Director said, “Movie was a collaborative effort, Manoj Pahwa ji  did not charge me for acting in this film. Even after working for so many years in industry, passion in him for rehearsal is noteworthy. He used to come prepared with very detailed notes before shooting. It was a learning experience for us.”

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