Aviator Game: Popularity in the Skies

The gameplay in the Aviator casino crash game revolves around a red airplane that climbs up the sky and a bet multiplier which grows while the plane ascends. At some unpredictable point of time, the airplane flies away and the multiplier crashes.

In each round, the bet multiplier can crash at a value as low as x1, or soar as high as the x100 limit.

The popularity of the game, however, seems to know no limits, as it has been climbing steeply over the last couple of years and is already high in the skies.

And it doesn’t look like it’s ever going to stop rising.

The Appeal of Aviator Crash Games: Why Do Players Enjoy Them?

This remarkable game is so vastly different from the typical online casino slot and table games that virtually all aspects of Aviator act like player magnets.

The most fundamental difference that sets crash games apart from the rest of the casino offerings is that the control is handed over to the player.

In Aviator, it is the player who decides when to cash out their bet or risk a crash waiting for a higher multiplier, while in most games the dealer deals the cards or spins the roulette wheel.

Players gain an even greater sense of control because their devices participate in the generation of results and they can verify all outcomes.

Light resource and data requirements, but great interactivity, global leaderboards and chat, and a high RTP of 97% add even more fuel to Aviator’s appeal.

How to Play Aviator

Aviator can be played in demo version, but if you wish to check it out with real money, you will need to sign up for an account at an online casino if you don’t have one already.

To avoid trouble and scams, it is highly advisable to play only at reputable and properly licensed international casinos.

This is how to play the game in five easy steps:

  1. Choose a licensed international casino and create an account;
  2. Make a deposit;
  3. Find the Aviator game using the search option or browsing the online casino lobby. Tip: look in the most popular games category;
  4. Enter the game and start placing bets and interacting with the other players;
  5. Enjoy your game!

Auto Cashout

One of the great features of Aviator is the double bet option. Some players like to place two bets simultaneously and cash them out manually at separate times for greater chances to win, but many others use the Auto Cashout function for the second bet option to make sure they don’t skip cashing it out due to lack of time.

The feature is very easy to use: you only need to set a value, and when the game multiplier reaches it, your bet will automatically be cashed out.

Is Aviator a Scam or Fake?

Aviator, as well as many other crash games, employs a cryptographic provably fair technology which combines a server seed with a seed generated by the user’s device into an encrypted SHA512 hash, which is then used to generate the random round outcomes.

The technology allows anyone to go back and verify that all outcomes of the game have been fair and 100% random, which makes the game not a scam or fake.

What we think about the future

The massive popularity achieved by the Aviator crash game for such a short time, and the fact that it is so different from the classic casino games and offers a brand new real money gaming experience suggests that so far we’ve seen only the beginning of a novel major trend.

The future looks bright for this game and we will probably see more hit titles shoot up to fame along the innovative path laid by Aviator.


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