ASI to give permission for film shooting in archaeological sites in 15-20 days says Prahlad Singh Patel

New Delhi: Mr Prahlad Singh Patel, Minister of State for Tourism and Culture (IC), Govt of India, today said that the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) is working to give permission for film shooting in archaeological sites in 15-20 days.

Addressing a session ‘In Conversation with Ms Anurradha Prasad, Chairperson and MD, BAG Films and Media Ltd,’ organized during ‘FICCI FRAMES 2020’, Mr Patel said that the government is working with all concerned stakeholders and allied ministries to support the industry during this time. “I would urge the industry to include and promote the unknown historical monuments while planning for film shoots. The Ministry will support the industry by removing the hurdles,” added Mr Patel.

In order to promote tourism through films, he said that Indian film industry should explore more domestic sites, especially in the North East and Himalayan region. “We should all work to ensure that we let our citizens know more about their country. COVID-19 has taught us the importance of Indian lifestyle, which is simple to lead, accessible and healthy,” said Mr Patel.

Highlighting the importance and potential of tourism, Mr Patel said that post COVID, wellness tourism will pick up at a much faster pace. He added that world over, people have started respecting the Indian traditional health techniques.

“It is imperative that we must change our perception about tourism and ensure that our brand image is improved. Initially, we will have a slow start, but I assure you that once we attain the pace, no other country will be able to match us,” said Mr Patel.

Mr Patel also said that to promote tourism, both in India and internationally, states will have to play a major role. “Our states are an important stakeholder and without their support we cannot give safety assurance to our domestic and international tourists. Safety guarantee is a combined effort of all stakeholders,”

Ms Anurradha Prasad, Chairperson and MD, BAG Films & Media Ltd said that FICCI will work with the government to ensure that we strongly promote our Indian traditions and culture across the world.

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