Adani Foundation Launches “Swachhagraha” to create a culture of cleanliness in Bhadrak


Dhamra: Swachhagraha — Swachhataka Satyagraha, a Behaviour Change Education Programme, is an initiative of the Adani Foundation. ‘Swachhagraha’ draws inspiration from ‘Satyagraha’ led by Mahatma Gandhi during the freedom struggle movement, which catalyzed action through tremendous patience and perseverance, instilling in the Indian mind, dignity and self-respect. It aims at engaging people and bringing about a change, similar in scale to India’s freedom movement, where people get involved to take action for ‘Creating a culture of Cleanliness’.

The Swachhagraha programme was launched by Mr Subrat Tripathy, Chief Executive Officer, Dhamra Port in the first day (17.09.2019) of these two day Swachhagraha programme. Mr Tripathy explained the importance of cleanliness to more than 72 school teachers present in the first day. Addressing the teachers he said that the students can be helpful in giving a new direction towards cleanliness to the society. Chandabali Block Education Officer Mr Pranaya Kumar Nayak and Governor Awardee and Ex-Headmaster Mr Gopabandhu Nayak said that this small step of Adani Foundation will take huge turn in near future and advised the teacher to take full advantage of this workshop.

On 2nd day Bhadrak Collector Mr Gyana Das started the workshop at local Sanskruti Bhawan at Bhadrak. District Rural Project Officer Mr Madhusudan Mishra joined as guest of honour along with DEO Mr Sangram Kumar Sahu and Executive Engineer of District Rural Sanitation Department Mr Antarjami Nayak as special guest in the programme. Bhadrak Collector Mr Das made aware of different programmes of Odisha Government and Adani Foundation asks to focus on the importance of cleanliness in the society and their day to day life. He said that cleanliness is not only the responsibility of any particular organisation or the Govt but every individual should be aware of it.

Mr. Jignesh Vibhandik, Project Head & Master Trainer, Swachhagraha Programme conveyed a special message from Mrs. Shilin R. Adani, Trustee who is an architect mentor of this project; congratulating all Swachhagraha Preraks for their joining the project and wishing the best for their pivotal role. Among others Dhamra Port CSR Head Mr Subas Ray and other officials were present.

Swachhagraha will be implemented through teachers (SwachhagrahaPreraks) and students (Swachhagraha Dal members) and be will be open to all schools. The module will focus on standards VI to IX, even though all classes may be involved. The School, Teacher, and the Students will play pivotal role in achieving the objectives of the programme.

Highlighting the need for anti-littering attitude and behaviour, the Adani Foundation is striving to create a culture of cleanliness across 17 states and 3,075 schools. With a team of more than 57,000 Swachhagrahis and 3,200 SwachhagrahaPreraks, the Foundation reaches out to 1,50,000 students every month. Until now, the total campaign outreach is more than 35,00,000 people. The Programme focuses on four key themes, namely, Waste management and Littering, Sanitation, Personal Hygiene and Toilet Etiquettes.


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