Adani Foundation impart training on ‘Self-defence’ to girls

Dhamra: The self-defence training programme aims to make the females get ready to protect themselves under any unexpected attack on them and can become self-reliant and become helpful for others as well at the time of some problem. In order to empower girls towards self -defence, Adani Foundation in the first of its kind launched special training on self-defence to the high school girls in Dhamra and its peripheral area on Jan 17. In the first phase, it is planned to include school girls from 9 high school & Adani DAV Public School. It is planned to train at least 250 girls, studying in VIII, IX & X. In each batch 30 girls students will undergo a 6 days training.

The Schools are Govt High School Dosinga, G.P.High School, Karanpalli, Panchutikri GP Govt. High School, S.S. Nigamananda Govt. Uchha Vidyapitha, Sashikadeipur, G.P. High School, Jagula, Dhamarai Govt. High School, J.N. High School, Kaithkhola, B.N. Uchha Vidyapitha, Govt. High School, Bansada, ADANI DAV PUBLIC SCHOOL, KUAMARA included.

Under the programme, certain life skills will be taught to the girls which include certain do’s and don’ts in day-to-day life.

They would also be taught how to properly channelize their adolescent emotions, how to form groups and how to extend co-operation among themselves through personal rapport. The self-defence skills will equip them with the ability to sense impending danger. At least 15 self-defence skills comprising Karate-Judo and kick boxing, flexible body movement and some other physical skills would be taught.


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