Actor Maniesh Paul and Ragini Khanna come together for Social Awareness Campaign ‘The Change is Hear’ by Devangi Dalal

Mumbai: In a momentous celebration of World Deaf Day, Devangi Dalal, a distinguished Audiologist and Speech-Language Pathologist, unveiled two groundbreaking short films that have taken a bold step towards creating awareness about hearing disability under the campaign “The Change is Hear”.

One of the highlights of the event was a deep dive into the potential of early hearing screening for children. The film “Early Matters” aims to equip young minds with the gift of hearing through timely intervention.

Another poignant moment was showcasing the firsthand exploration of how advanced treatment and cutting-edge hearing aids can empower those who are hearing impaired through the film “A Sound Start”. This campaign marks a significant stride towards creating widespread social consciousness.

While World Deaf Day served as a fitting backdrop, Devangi Dalal’s impact stretches well beyond a single day of commemoration. She mentioned, “Together, we can embark on a transformative journey towards a world, where hearing disabilities can be a history and world will aspire to the beauty of kindness if we make specially abled children equally included in the society.”

Special invitees Actor Maniesh Paul mentioned, “My mom also uses a hearing aid. Hence, coming to this event makes me more aware of the importance of early detection and rehabilitation of hearing loss.”

“It is an eye opener for me and these two short films are simple and to the point, hope that everyone gets educated,” said guest of honor, Ragini Khanna.

In the end, the producers of the film Mr Partha Thakur and Mr Joshua Shirsath from Old Monk Entertainment emphasized the importance of this initiative in today’s time as it educates every individual.

These Films “Early Matters” and “A Sound Start” aim to be a milestone in the ongoing battle against hearing disability. The collective commitment and support of attendees at the campaign launch “The Change is Hear” have amplified the message, ensuring that it reverberates far and wide.

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