Achievements and Best Practices of Ministry of Railways under Special Campaign 2.0

New Delhi : Inspired by the vision of Hon’ble Prime Minister, the Government of India launched a Special Campaign for disposal of pending references in Sept-Oct 21, focusing on cleanliness all around, reducing pendency of public grievances and improving work-culture at the work places.

Its sequel has been launched in September’2022 named ‘Special Campaign 2.0’ from 02.10.2022 to 31.10.22, with increased ambit and targets to further promote cleanliness and good governance in all spheres of working throughout the country which has been a huge success.

In consonance with the philosophy of the Special Campaign 2.0, Ministry of Railways had set much wider scope for itself in all spheres of its working keeping in view IR’s presence over the length and breadth of the country. Accordingly, it took up its all 7337 stations for Cleanliness Campaign, which is a mammoth task in itself, with emphasis on mechanized cleaning of stations, and cleanliness of trains including approaches to major stations, collection & safe disposal of plastic and other waste. One such effort by Bangalore Railway Station was appreciated by the Hon’ble Prime Minister.


From Oct 2nd onwards, Ministry of Railways conducted more than 9000 cleanliness campaigns covering all stations, offices, workshops, Production Units and other offices and 100% target has already been achieved in this regard. More than One lakh eighty six thousand physical files and around 30000 e-files have been reviewed. All employees from top to bottom were pro-actively involved in disposal of pending matters including VIP/MP/MLA references and Parliamentary, State Govt/PMO References/Public Grievances and Appeals.  Around 80% liquidation has already been achieved on several parameters. On the last day of Special Campaign 2.0, Ministry of Railways has disposed of more than 3000 VIP References, 160 State Govt References and more than 2.6 lakhs Public Grievances. Campaigns are being closely supervised and held by Senior most officers of the units who are taking rounds of their offices frequently to spread importance and awareness.  More than Rs 33 crores worth of office scrap has been disposed off during the campaign period and space freed to the tune of 16000 sq feet.

As part of Special Campaign 2.0, a series of awareness programmes including “NukkadNatak” (street shows) were organized across the Railways which was not only impactful but also had indelible mark and was well appreciated by one and all.

Several other initiatives have also been taken during this Campaign which include development of IT applications for online processing and disposal of VIP(MP/MLA) References and Parliamentary References such as matters raised during Zero Hour and under Section 377 in Parliament by MPs.

IT application developed indigenously for real time monitoring and disposal of VIP References entails various features like registration(uploading) of reference, marking/sending to unit/officer(s), receipt of replies from them, processing by unit concerned as well as submission of replies to be issued from Minister of Railways/MoS/GM/DRM, as the case maybe. Number of MIS reports can be generated to see status Subject/VIP/State/Unit(Directorate/Zonal Railway etc.)/Time Period. The system also generates weekly alerts through e-mails and SMS to concerned officials. The Hon’ble Minister/Officers can peruse and show the reply to particular public representative with just a click of the button.

Another module relating to real time monitoring of parliamentary references has also been developed on similar lines with all features of MIS built for monitoring of VIP references.

The developments of these two applications has enabled Ministry of Railways to dispose of these references and have contributed immensely in the Special Campaign 2.0.


In addition, public grievances are also monitored through the ‘Rail Madad portal’ which provides real time redressal of grievances and online monitoring of the pendency and disposal of these grievances.

MOR has also decided to switch over to completely paperless working from 1st November by digitalizing all business processes and file work through e-office system in Railway Board Office.

The efforts of Bangalore Railway Station, South Western Railway is bearing a special mention by the Hon’ble Prime Minister-


Previous release on Special Campaign 2.0 can be seen here-

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