900 Bidyut Seva Kendras to be set up in 9 districts of western Odisha: TPWODL

Burla, 09.04.2024: TP Western Odisha Distribution Limited (TPWODL), the leading power  distribution company in western Odisha, is ensuring reliable and uninterrupted power supply to  consumers across nine districts in its area of operation and taking many innovative steps in the field of  consumer service. In this context, to improve the electricity infrastructure of western part of Odisha,  TPWDOL planned to set up 900 Bidyut Seva Kendras (BSKs) in its 9 revenue districts for consumer  satisfaction. Out of which, 450 BSKs have been built, renovated, and operational; commissioning of  the rest is in progress. 

These Bidyut Seva Kendras (BSKs) are nothing but the Fuse Call Centres operated by erstwhile  discoms and the then Odisha State Electricity Board (OSEB). TPWODL has transformed and  restructured with latest technology. TPWODL posted maintenance staff to manage these BSKs for 24  hours. Display boards have been put up to identify these centres from a long distance. Similarly, a  ‘Hotline’ phone has been installed at the BSKs so that consumers can use the ‘Hotline’ to reach out to  company-centralized call centres located at Sambalpur. 

However, in case of any electricity connection related issues, consumers can contact the nearest Bidyut  Seva Kendras and have the issue resolved immediately. For this purpose, all the necessary electrical  repair and maintenance tools are available at every BSKs. Similarly, during natural calamities, if there  is any breakdown and there is a power failure, then the service and maintenance staffs posted at Bidyut  Seva Kendras can take immediate action to restore power service and attend to the needs of consumers. 

It is an innovative effort to reduce the distance between distribution company and consumers in rural  and urban areas. According to the Chief Executive Officer of the company, Mr. Gajanan Kale, these  Bidyut Seva Kendras will help in improving customer service as well as fulfil the expectations and  aspirations of consumers. 

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