7th Military Literature Festival Commended for Inspiring Youth Towards Armed Forces Service

Military Literature Festival Lauded for Instilling Patriotism and Encouraging Defence Force Aspirants


Chandigarh, December 2, 2023 : Lieutenant General Manoj Kumar Katiyar, General Officer Commanding-in-Chief of the Western Command, extended commendations on Saturday to the organizers of the 7th Military Literature Festival (MLF), emphasizing the pivotal role such collaborative efforts play in motivating youngsters to serve the nation by joining the Armed forces.

Praising the MLF’s commitment to honoring the valorous sacrifices made by individuals in the service of the nation, Lt Gen Katiyar expressed confidence that the festival, now in its eighth year, would significantly contribute to instilling a deep sense of patriotism and nationalism among the youth. He underscored its role in motivating them to consider a career in the defence forces.

A collaborative initiative spearheaded by the Punjab government, Chandigarh administration, and the Western Command Headquarters at Chandimandir, the annual festival provides aspiring youngsters with an insightful glimpse into the disciplined life within the military. Moreover, it serves as an engaging platform for discussions encompassing national, international, and geo-political themes of significance.

The festival’s overarching objective remains centered on fostering a sense of respect, admiration, and understanding for the challenges and sacrifices made by those serving in the Armed forces, while concurrently inspiring the younger generation to contribute meaningfully to the country’s defense and security.

Lt Gen Katiyar emphasized the importance of such platforms in nurturing a spirit of service and dedication towards the nation, highlighting the vital role they play in shaping the aspirations and inclinations of the future generation towards safeguarding the country’s interests.

The ongoing success and impact of the Military Literature Festival continue to resonate, showcasing its pivotal role in influencing and shaping the mindset of the nation’s youth.

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