3 new judges appointed in Odisha High Court

New Delhi: 3 new judges appointed in Odisha High Court. Mruganka Sekhar Sahoo, Radha Krishna Pattanaik, Sashikanta Mishra appointed Judges by the President of India.


Vide notification dated 13.10.2021, in exercise of the power conferred by clause (1) of Article 217 and Article 224 of the Constitution of India, the President, after consultation with the Chief Justice of India, is pleased to appoint the following Judicial Officers/Advocates as Judges/ Additional Judges of the following High Courts w.e.f. the date they assume charge of their respective offices: –

Sl. No. Name (S/Shri) Name of High Court
1. Smt. P. SreeSudha, Judicial Officer As Judges of the Telangana High Court.


2. Dr. (Smt.) C. Sumalatha, Judicial Officer
3. Dr. (Smt.) G. Radha Rani, Judicial Officer
4. M. Laxman, Judicial Officer
5. N. Tukaramji, Judicial Officer
6. A. Venkateshwara Reddy, Judicial Officer
7. Smt. P. Madhavi Devi, Member (ITAT)
8. Mruganka Sekhar Sahoo, Advocate As Judges of the Orissa High Court.


9. Radha Krishna Pattanaik, Judicial Officer
10. Sashikanta Mishra, Judicial Officer
11. Chandrasekharan KarthaJayachandran, Judicial Officer As Additional Judges of the Kerala High Court.
12. Smt. Sophy Thomas, Judicial Officer
13. PuthenVeedu Gopala Pillai Ajithkumar , Judicial Officer
14. Smt. Chandrasekharan Sudha, Judicial Officer


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