3-DAYS training on POSH held in capital city

Bhubaneswar: To stop sexual harrassment at workplace and to sensitise people on equality for men and women by allowing men and women to view what is stereotypical of and reasonable for their gender, a 3-day training has been launched in Bhubaneswar where 40 members across the state have joined.

Organized by Atmashakti Trust, Odisha Shramajeebee Mancha and Mahila Shramajeebee Mancha, Odisha, the training is being conducted by Eminent social activist, gender expert and Secretary of Aaina Ms Sneha Mishra who will train participants on what constitutes a sexual harrassment, myths and realities of sexual harrassment, national and state level landmarks in the Prevention of Sexual Harassment, role of Internal Complaint Committee and effects of sexual harrassment on organizations.

“This will help employees to understand sexual harrassment, encourage them to report any questionable behavior that makes them feel uncomfortable, sensitizes managers and higher-level staff on matters pertaining to sexual harrassment”, said organisers.

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