What Every Woman Should Know About Cocktail Rings

Cocktail rings, when they were first introduced, served as statement pieces. The large center stone would be accented with pave diamonds to give the ring its distinct look. Over the years, the definition of these rings has loosened. Today, any statement ring falls into the cocktail ring category.

Women wear these rings on their chosen finger, with the only exception being the left ring finger. However, a woman can wear the ring on this finger if they desire. It’s truly a matter of preference.

Some individuals find cocktail rings to be gaudy and ostentatious. Other women, however, love this ring style. They find the bigger the ring is, the happier they are. These rings come with priceless gemstones or inexpensive sparklers that mimic the look of their more expensive counterparts. Semi-precious stones remain popular choices, and some women choose exotic stones to give their rings a more distinct look.

Today, these rings come in many shapes, sizes, and styles. If you want a cocktail ring, be sure to browse a wide selection before making your choice. This ensures you get a ring you love and wish to wear regularly. What should a woman keep in mind when shopping for a ring of this type?

Cocktail Ring Options

Diamond cocktail rings tend to be heirloom pieces that pass through the generations. They may fall into the category of halo rings or those with a large center stone that comes surrounded by smaller stones in a halo pattern. If choosing this type of ring, look for one with a colored center stone and diamond accents. Although the classic halo ring features a large diamond in the center with smaller diamonds around it, a colored gem as the centerpiece allows the ring to pop. However, choosing the diamond-on-diamond option makes the center stone look bigger than it truly is. In fact, the smaller stones can make the center stone appear up to a half-carat larger than its actual size.

Women who prefer more modern jewelry should consider a gold cocktail ring. This style brings together the classic and the contemporary, and women find they can select from styles with precious and semiprecious stones. Some ladies choose rose gold for its feminine appearance and the fact that it goes with most colored stones. Other females find they want 18K white or yellow gold. They serve as a practical choice that looks great on any hand.

For those ladies who love old treasures, a vintage cocktail ring might serve as the ideal choice. These rings came into fashion during the roaring 20s, which means plenty of choices remain available today. A vintage piece is one that is at least 20 years old but no more than 100 years old. A ring that has been around for more than 100 years is considered an antique. Visit estate sales to find vintage pieces from the Art Deco, Retro, and Victorian periods of history while also shopping for more modern versions from 20, 30, or 40 years ago.

These rings often come with a large vibrant stone or a collection of smaller stones designed to create a single piece. Women find the metalwork on these pieces to be exquisite, as many come with hand-engravings, ornate curves, or delicate filigree work. As a result, the large ring has a delicate feel and will be a timeless treasure to pass down through the generations.

Wearing a Cocktail Ring

Ladies want to know the proper etiquette when it comes to wearing cocktail rings. Most females choose to wear them on the right hand to avoid confusion with a wedding or engagement ring on the left. Nevertheless, a woman can wear the ring however she chooses. In fact, wearing it in an unusual way is a great way to show personal style and share information about your personality.

When to Wear a Cocktail Ring

Most women save their cocktail rings for special occasions. They don’t wear them every day, but they can if they want to. There’s nothing stopping them from wearing the ring to the grocery store, the park, or their gym class. However, the size of the ring makes it easy for the item to get caught on things. Keep this in mind when deciding whether you want to put it on before heading out the door.

Thanks to the range of styles offered today, a woman can find a cocktail ring for any occasion. This may be a quiet dinner at home with friends, a work party, or a night on the town with your significant other.

Styling the Ring

Women need to recognize cocktail rings are meant to be statement pieces. They should easily catch the eye, which is difficult when other accessories are drawing attention. Make the ring the focal point of the outfit and keep other accessories to a minimum for a well-put-together look. You can layer the ring with smaller ones for a stacked ring look but only do so when the other rings are delicate and feature precious or semiprecious stones. Never do this with a chunky piece, however, because the look would be too much.

Why Are They Called Cocktail Rings?

Cocktail rings first became fashionable during Prohibition. The United States banned the sale and consumption of alcohol. Women of means would wear these rings when attending a party that featured alcohol and cocktails, and the name stuck.

What Should a Woman Wear with a Cocktail Ring? 

Any outfit works with a cocktail ring. The woman simply needs to consider the colors of the outfit, the style of the ring, and the occasion when choosing a ring for the event. Diamond cocktail rings work with evening gowns or the little black dress. A distinctive ring with colorful stones is ideal for everyday wear with a feminine blouse and dress jeans.

Show off your fashion sense with the help of a cocktail ring. Choose a ring with your birthstone as the centerpiece or select one with your favorite gemstone. With many styles to choose from, you are certain to find a ring you cannot live without. Thanks to the affordable prices seen with many of these pieces, you may even be able to purchase multiple styles.

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