Uttarakhand govt decides to demolish unsafe buildings in Joshimath

Uttarakhand government has decided to demolish unsafe buildings at Joshimath. The town, which is witnessing land subsidence, has been divided into three zones – Danger’, ‘Buffer’, and ‘Completely safe’ zones based on the magnitude of possible danger. The move comes after the Joshimath area was declared disaster-prone.

According to Chamoli District Disaster Management Authority, 603 buildings in Joshimath town have developed cracks so far. Secretary to Chief Minister, R Meenakshi Sundaram said that the buildings which have sustained the most damage will be demolished. He said, the administration is conducting a survey to assess the danger and buffer zones.

Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami said Prime Minister Narendra Modi has assured the state of all the possible help in the wake of the land subsidence in Joshimath. The CM said that Prime Minister was seized of the situation in Joshimath and taking regular updates. After nine wards or municipal areas of the Joshimath were declared as a ‘sinking zone’, CM Dhami said he had called for a collective effort at this hour of crisis.

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