Unleashing Facts About AI With Google Cloud Leader Tushar Sahu


By Debamitra Mishra 

Tushar Sahu, Director of Engineering and India Site Lead at Google Cloud Business Platform, shares his profound insights with Odisha Diary on India’s growth and the transformative power of technology on his recent visit to XIM UNIVERSITY, Bhubaneswar Odisha as a speaker at “Business Excellence Summit”.

Having experienced life around the world , Tushar keenly observes India’s rapid ascent in the global arena. His career journey is a tapestry woven with significant roles in various tech companies, including a notable stint at Fitbit, as well as diverse domains within Google. Tushar reflects on his decision to join Google Cloud and make India his new home. He cites India’s remarkable growth as a primary motivator and applauds the dynamic spirit of its youth. “I foresee that India owns the next 20 years, and I didn’t want to miss out on that,” he emphasizes.

Hailing from Cuttack, Odisha, Tushar’s roots run deep. He fondly recalls his formative years at Ravenshaw Collegiate School and later Christ College. “My engineering education unfolded at a private college in Odisha. It was with immense pleasure that I participated in the prestigious “Business Excellence Summit” organized by XIM University, Bhubaneswar and got this opportunity to enlighten business school graduates about harnessing the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for their benefit,” mentions Tushar.

Tushar is a strong advocate for embracing AI, which he perceives as omnipresent in today’s world. His role at the summit is to engage in meaningful conversations, guiding business graduates and aspiring leaders on effectively integrating AI into their careers. “I believe that many individuals, including MBA graduates, might have misconceptions about AI, often viewing it solely through the lens of technology.
Business graduates are not just professionals; they are integral contributors to the nation-building process, deserving the honorary title of ‘C-Suites’ of India.”

He lauds XIM University for providing a platform to enrich business graduates with diverse knowledge. Tushar envisions them as the visionary leaders who will shape the nation’s business landscape, from startups to multinational corporations. He underscores the value of the summit in inviting experts to share real-world experiences, acknowledging that not everything can be learned from textbooks.

He states, “Networking opportunities at such gatherings is a significant benefit. Business school graduates can establish connections with contemporary business leaders, gaining mentorship, guidance, and potential job opportunities based on their skill sets. This summit is an engaging and enlightening experience, and I got this chance to demonstrate domain-specific AI applications.”

He dispels the notion that some may not be using AI in their lives, asserting that AI is seamlessly integrated into daily activities. “AI is all around us, from smartphones to website interactions and chatbots. It is important to stay current with evolving technology to avoid falling behind,” mentions Tushar.

He extols the virtues of automation, which liberates individuals from mundane tasks, enabling them to focus on strategic responsibilities. He draws parallels between the rise of AI and historical industrial revolutions that have consistently advanced human civilization.

“I acknowledge that AI comes with both pros and cons. But definitely, something transformative and positive is unfolding. While certain sectors and job roles may be affected by AI, individuals should prioritize upskilling to maximize its benefits for their companies.”

He leaves us with a powerful message: “The question is, are we going to hide under the fear, or are we going to embrace? So definitely, one should set aside their insecurities and begin working to understand how AI can benefit and uplift them.”

Discussing Google’s pivotal role in Odisha’s development, Tushar recognizes the company’s significant impact on India’s growth. He points to Sundar Pichai and others who have announced substantial initiatives for the country. “Google’s services, such as Maps and Google Pay, are integral to daily life. I would recommend the Odisha Government to collaborate with Google , leveraging technology and AI to modernize various aspects, from infrastructure development to land records.” He envisions the use of apps and data-driven solutions to empower Odisha’s youth and enhance education. “I am quite eager to engage in empowering Odisha’s progress journey with the government whenever the opportunity arises,” he signs off.

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