Unique Identification Authority of India, Ministry of Labour and Employment, Department of Financial Services (Pension Reforms) and NITI Aayog topped the Grievance Redressal Index of Central Ministries/ Departments for timely disposal of grievances and quality of disposal

The Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances (DARPG) released the Centralized Public Grievance Redressal and Monitoring System (CPGRAMS) monthly report for February, 2023, which provides a detailed analysis of types and categories of public grievances and the nature of disposal. The report also contains technological enhancements undertaken by DARPG in collaboration with IIT Kanpur on A-l enabled PG Analysis and Management to further strengthen the Grievance Redressal Mechanism.

The progress for February, 2023 indicates 1,09,976 Grievances Redressed by Central Ministries/ Departments in February, 2023, Average Disposal Time of 18 days/ grievance, Lowest ever Pendency level of 65215 cases in Central Secretariat. 60.29 percent of Grievances received by Dept of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare filed through Common Service Centres.

The following are the key highlights of the DARPG’s monthly CPGRAMS report for February 2023 for Central Ministries/ Departments.

PG Cases

  • In February, 2023, 107308 PG cases were received on the CPGRAMS portal, 109976 PG cases were redressed and there exists a pendency of 65215 PG cases, as of 25th February, 2023. The pendency in the Central Secretariat has decreased from 67883 PG cases at the end of January, 2023 to 65215 PG cases at the end of February, 2023
  • For the 7th month in a row, the monthly disposal crossed 1 lac cases in Central Ministries/Departments
  • Department of Financial Services (Banking Division) [18478 grievances], Ministry of Labour and Employment [14269 grievances], Central Board of Direct Taxes (Income Tax) [5544 grievances] and Department of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare [5500 grievances] have received the maximum number of grievances in February, 2023

PG Appeals

  • In February, 2023, 15729 appeals were received and 15270 appeals were disposed. The Central Secretariat has a pendency of 26721 PG Appeals at the end of February, 2023
  • Central Board of Direct Taxes (Income Tax) [2960 appeals], Ministry of Corporate Affairs [2364 appeals], Department of Personnel and Training [1304 appeals] and Ministry of Home Affairs [1120 appeals] have the maximum pendency of appeals at the end of February, 2023

Grievance Redressal Index

  • Unique Identification Authority of India and Ministry of Labour and Employment are the top performers in the Grievance Redressal Index within the Group A for February, 2023
  • Department of Financial Services (Pension Reforms) and NITI Aayog are the top performers in the Grievance Redressal Index within the Group B for February, 2023


  • 17 Ministries/Departments have more than 1000 pending grievances as on 25th February, 2023
  • Central Board of Direct Taxes (Income Tax) [7768 grievances] and Department of Personnel and Training [2432 grievances] have the highest number of grievances pending for more than 30 days

Average Closing Time

Average Grievance Redressal Time in all the Ministries/Departments in the year 2023, from 1st January to 25th February, 2023 is 18 Days

Feedback received from BSNL Call Centre

For Central Ministries/Departments, 4321 grievances have received the rating of Excellent & Very Good, directly from the citizens, in the feedbacks collected by the BSNL Call Centre from 1st February to 25th February, 2023

These reports are part of the 10-step CPGRAMS reforms process which was adopted by DARPG for improving quality of disposal and reducing the time lines. The 10-step reforms include:

  1. Universalization of CPGRAMS 7.0 – Auto-routing of grievances to the last mile
  2. Technological Enhancements – Automatic flagging of urgent grievances leveraging AI/ML
  3. Language Translation – CPGRAMS Portal in 22 scheduled languages along with English
  4. Grievance Redressal Index – Ranking of Ministries / Departments on their Performance
  5. Feedback Call Centre – 50-seater call centre to collect feedback directly from every citizen whose grievance is redressed
  6. One Nation One Portal – Integration of State Portal and other GoI portals with CPGRAMS
  7. Inclusivity and Outreach – Empowering the remotest citizen to file grievances through CSC’s
  8. Training and Capacity Building – Conducted by ISTM and State ATIs under SEVOTTAM scheme for enabling effective grievance resolution
  9. Monitoring Process – Monthly reports for both the Central Ministries/Departments and States/UTs
  10. Data Strategy Unit – Established at DARPG for insightful data analytics

DARPG has also unveiled its plans for using of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to deal with grievances in the future. For this DARPG partnered with IIT Kanpur and has operationalized an Intelligent Grievance Monitoring dashboard for the benefit of the Grievance Officers of all Ministries/Departments.

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