Tribute To Impartial M.Papanna In Village Adivasipada

Bhubaneswar: A Tribute programme has been done by Social organisation of New Delhi ,ASSRA on behalf of eleventh day of death ceremony of Impartial M.PAPANNA.For this occasion Villagers’ of Kandalei ,School students and social workers tribute and Giving Topaz with vermilion ,sandal in photo of Impartial M.Papanna and last they all ignition lamp for the soul of Papanna sir. Villagers of Kandalei make a silent prayer for one minute for a soothe and quietness of the greatest soul. Sir Papanna was not only a justice he was a popular and golden boy, just, successful lawyer and great latter through out his valuable life. The decision of Sir Papanna was unique and made it to belive .He kept him self away from Service due to his personal interest and kindness heart to poor people and engage him self in Social services .According to opinion of Social worker Susant sahoo the dream of Sir M.Papanna was to made village Kandalei a special and ideal village and a congruence devlope to Tribe people.Social worker Mr.Priyabrata Panda,Engineer Basudev mishra, Mr Malaya kumar Barik ,Mr.Sripati Achrya, Kandalei school Head master Pabitra mohan nayak were present on this occasion and give their valuable advice and comments on Sir M.Papanna.On this occasion family of ASSRA ,chief adviser of ASSRA Mr.Subhajit sahoo,President Namita parida,Vice president prasant Ghadei,Local Sarapancha Manaswin mishra denga,Previous sarapancha Bishnu Prasad denga were all give tribute to Impartial Sir M.papanna sir and pray near God for piece to the golden soul . Before one year Papanna sir was involved with the distribution of Lantern to all the Tribe family in village Adivasipada.We lost a great golden boy, lawyer and a positiveness Impartial Latter .A darkness and a emptiness by loosing a real hero is unfulfilled sir.

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