“The objective of the Amnesty Scheme is to protect the interests of dealers along with revenue”- says Rajasthan Commercial Tax Commissioner

Jaipur: Commercial Tax Commissioner Shri Ravi Jain said that the purpose of Amnesty Scheme 2021 of the Government of Rajasthan is to ensure the interest of dealers along with earning revenue.

Shri Jain was addressing the office bearers of Jaipur Trade Association and the concerned dealers in the camp organized under Amnesty Public Relations Fortnight in the auditorium of Rajasthan Chamber of Commerce and Industries on Thursday.

Shri Jain said that more and more practical people should join this scheme of the state government to take advantage of the amnesty scheme and contribute towards the economic development of the state. He said that various camps are being organized under Amnesty Pakhwada. The dealers should participate in these camps and get their outstanding demands settled.

The Commissioner of Commercial Taxes said that the dealers should take advantage of this golden opportunity immediately as under the Amnesty Scheme, basic tax relief is being given for the first time which was never given earlier.

Commissioner Shri Jain said that in view of the odd circumstances of Corona, the first phase has been extended by the department till July 31 in practical interest. The time period for the second and third phases has been made from August 1 to 31 and September 1 to 30 respectively. But the dealers should join in the first phase as huge discounts are being given in it. Action will also be taken on the outstanding demand after 30th September.

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