Tata Steel BSL awarded for best practices in Environment, Health & Safety by CII

Narendrapur: Tata Steel BSL, has been awarded for best practices in Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) during the Annual Day celebration of Confederation of Indian Industry ( CII), Odisha State Council in Bhubanswar.

On behalf of Tata Steel BSL, Mr Saroj Banerjee, Chief, Environment received the award from Mr Ranjan Kumar Mohapatra, Chairman, CII Odisha State Council.

Other senior officials of the company including Mr Hari Mishra, VP, Sinter Plant, Mr Naresh Sharma, Chief, E&P, Mr Vidya Prasad, VP, DRI, Mr Virendra Singh, AVP, Coke Oven 1 and Mr Sanjeev Pal, AGM, Environment and other dignitaries from CII were also present.

The company was recognised for its exemplary initiatives on overall environment sustainable measures like power generation through waste heat recovery boilers in DRI plant, gas fired boilers using waste gases (BFG-Blast furnace gas ,COG-Coke oven gas), reduction of carbon emission and specific energy consumption by increasing PCI (Pulversized coal injection ) rates in blast furnaces, etc. . Besides many best practices on Environment, Occupational Health and Safety like Safety Governance structure and enhancing safety capability through Felt Leadership Training, Rail & Road safety, Contractor Leadership Awareness Programme, engineering solution to eliminate man machine interface, Comprehensive Health check-up for employees , Creation of Occupational Health Centre in the plant have also been implemented.

Corporates from ports, Aluminum, Oil and Gas, service sectors like Software, hospitals. Etc. had participated in it where Tata Steel BSL bagged second prize for best practices in EHS .

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