Supreme Court admits NALCO’s petition for hearing on alumina sale to domestic customer

New Delhi: National Aluminium Company Ltd. (NALCO) is a Navratna company and India’s largest producer of Alumina, the main raw material for manufacturing of Aluminium Metal. It uses India’s rich bauxite resources to produce and export alumina, an important raw material that can be used to produce Aluminium metal here in India. NALCO’s Alumina production in FY18 was 2.10 million MT & should be in the same range in FY19 also. Also, NALCO exports its surplus Alumina, which has been over 1.3 million MT per annum over the last couple of years.

NALCO’s Alumina sale tenders have been getting deferred since 27th March 2019, since the Odisha High Court gave a verdict challenging the ongoing practice of Nalco’s sale tenders & asking Nalco to include another Indian Aluminium Company.

It is believed from market sources that, NALCO would have atleast 3 to 4 cargoes of Alumina stocked-up, which have to be sold in the market effective 30th April 2019, in furtherance to Supreme Court’s order today, admitting NALCO’s appeal for hearing. It is also expected, there would be an over-supply of Alumina in the global Alumina market, courtesy these expected Nalco tenders.

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