Steel Scrap Recycling Policy–Providing a framework to facilitate and promote establishment of metal scrapping centres

New Delhi : Union Minister for Steel  Ram Chandra Prasad Singh in a written reply in the Lok Sabha today said that the Steel Scrap Recycling Policy notified in the Gazette of India vide No. 354 dated November 07, 2019 provides a framework to facilitate and promote establishment of metal scrapping centers in India for scientific processing & recycling of ferrous scrap generated from various sources. The policy framework provides standard guidelines for collection, dismantling and shredding activities in an organized, safe and environmentally sound manner. The Policy enumerates responsibilities for setting up collection, dismantling centre and scrap processing centre, and the roles of aggregators and responsibilities of the Government, manufacturer and owner. Steel Scrap Recycling Policy does not envisage setting up of scrap centres by the Government. The role of Government is to be an enabler and provide a framework to facilitate the eco-system of metal scrapping in the country. The decision to set up scrap centres is of entrepreneurs based on commercial considerations.

The Scrapping Centres are approved and monitored by the authorized agencies of the State/Union Territory Governments. The Policy does not envisage any additional monitoring mechanism thereby ensuring that there is no additional compliance burden.

The details of export of finished steel during the last five years are as following:-

Finished Steel Export
Year Quantity (in million tonnes)
2016-17 8.24
2017-18 9.62
2018-19 6.36
2019-20 8.36
2020-21 10.78
Source: Joint Plant Committee

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