Six flights to land today bringing back stranded Indians from abroad on 3rd day of Vande Bharat mission

New Delhi: Six flights will bring back stranded Indians from abroad on the third day of Vande Bharat Mission today. Five of these are flying from Gulf countries while one from Dhaka to Delhi has taken off. This is the second flight from Dhaka which is carrying 129 passengers including students, stranded tourists, medical cases and people whose visa has expired. They were tested by medical teams and were quarantined as per the safety protocols issued by the Union Government.

On Day 3 of the Vande Bharat Mission will see nearly 850 Indians returns to Lucknow, Hyderabad and Kochi from the various Gulf countries. From Sharjah, a special flight will carry more than 175 distressed Indians to Lucknow. Kuwait is repatriating 150 people to Hyderabad and another 172 approximately to Kochi and Doha is sending back more than 175 Indians who are in distressed condition.

All the Indian Missions are giving priority to workers in distress, elderly people, urgent medical cases, pregnant women and others stranded in difficult situation Three more flights will land in India after midnight today. More such flights from several countries have been scheduled till next Friday.

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