Signs of Bone Cancer One should not Ignore


Bone cancer is an uncommon form of cancer that starts in the bone. It can begin in any bone, but it commonly affects the long bones of arms and legs. Primary tumours originate from bone-derived tissues or the bone itself, and secondary tumours which spread from other sites through the process of metastasising. As with other form of cancers, there is no one cause of bone cancer either. However, there are environmental and hereditary factors that are closely linked in development of bone cancer.

Here are the signs of Bone Cancer that one should never ignore


Pain is the most common sign of bone cancer. Initially, the pain is not constant and usually occurs at random intervals. There may be a pattern of pain, for example – it may happen at night or be worse when that bone is functioning. When cancer starts growing, the pain will increase and may hinder activity for the patient.


Swelling may or may not occur. However, patients can feel a lump around the affected bone.


The cancerous cells inside the bones can weaken them which can lead to fractures. It is especially seen in areas where the patient is suffering from prolonged pain. However, fractures are not so common, especially in early stages. If there is a fracture in a bone which is surrounded by cancer, the patient can feel sudden and severe pain.

Reduced Mobility

In bone cancer patients, the site of cancer plays a vital role in determining most of the symptoms. In case of cancer manifesting in the joints, it will make regular movement painful, thereby reducing mobility.


In case the patient of bone cancer suffers from a bone fracture, repairing the bone may not be as effective and which may lead to a pronounced limp.

Other Signs

People with bone cancer may show a sign of an unexplained weight loss. They can also experience extreme fatigue accompanied by pain in the bones. A patient may also have arthritis or have frequent injuries.

Although bone cancer is one of the rare forms of cancer, it is indeed deadly. Always remember that an oncologist must screen a sign or symptom of bone cancer so that a timely diagnosis can increase the chances of survival for the patient. Cancer may seem like the end of the world, but acting fast on signs will make a difference. Getting cancer treatment in India from best cancer hospitals will increase the chances of accurate diagnosis followed by effective treatment

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