Shree Jagannath Temple Administration allowed devotees to have Mahaprasad at the Ananda Bazar, other designated places only in the temple premises

Puri: The Shree Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA) has allowed devotees to have Mahaprasad at the Ananda Bazar and other designated places only in the temple premises here from February 12 as Covid-19 restrictions have been relaxed. The temple administration has also issued the following new set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for the devotees visiting the shrine: The temple will remain open on all days of the week. This will be as per the schedule of Nitis on different days. The public darshan of lords will start latest by 6 am, unless notified. It is mandatory for all to wear masks at all times, both inside and outside the temple. Devotees should sanitise their hands before entering into the temple. They should maintain physical distance at all times.

Devotees are requested not to touch statues or idols inside the temple. Chewing of tobacco/paan and spitting in the temple premises is strictly prohibited. A fine of Rs 1,000 will be levied for each violation. There is a complete ban on carrying polythene bags inside the temple. A fine of Rs 100 will be levied for each violation. Lighting of Deepas inside the temple will be permitted at designated places only.

The special arrangement for the residents of Puri for one hour from 6 am to 7 am is discontinued. The entry of devotees to the temple in queue system will start from the barricades opposite to the shoe-stand. Devotees will enter through the Singhadwar. After the darshan, the exit will be allowed through all the Dwars except Singhadwar.

People, who leave their belongings such as shoes, mobiles at the shoe-stand located at the northeast side of the temple, are advised to exit from the Hasti Dwar for easier and faster retrieval of their belongings. Nighttime sanitisation of the temple premises will be conducted three times a week after closure of public darshan.


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