Servitors assault devotee on the premises of Jagannath temple in Puri


Puri: A devotee sustained injuries after he was allegedly assaulted by servitors on the premises of Jagannath temple here following a dispute over paying of dakshina (donation). Chetan G Amolkar, a resident of Thane in Maharashtra, said he was beaten up for not paying huge amount to the servitors as demanded by them. He also alleged that the servitors snatched away his gold pendent. Amolkar lodged a complaint in this regard with Singhadwar police.

According to sources, Amolkar along with his family went to Srimandir to offer prayer to Lord Jagannath. Upon reaching there, the servitors demanded huge amount from him for offering prayer. As he did not pay them much dakshina, the servitors started assaulting him and tried to snatch his gold chain. When he protested, the servitors thrashed him.

Amolkar injured his right hand while trying to save his gold chain. However, the pendent attached to the gold chain was taken away by one of the servitors. The servitors also beat up his wife.