SBI Life Insurance supports Anand Marga School in Balasore to provide basic necessities for the lesser privileged children

Bhubaneswar: SBI Life Insurance, one of the largest private life insurers in India, has taken a step forward in addressing the issues of malnutrition in the state by facilitating basic necessities for the children of Anand Marga School, Akinia, Balasore, Odisha The support will facilitate two major meals and three snacks per day for 70 lesser privileged resident children of the school belonging to economically weaker sections of the society. The initiative is aimed at building a healthier future of these children.
Mr. Sanjay Bhatnagar, Regional Director, Bhubaneswar, SBI Life Insurance handed over the cheque to Mr. Bhaskar Chandra Jena, Secretary, Ananda Marga School in the presence of other dignitaries.
According to UNICEF report, 57% of tribal children in Odisha are chronically undernourished.  The population of Odisha is more 33 million and many of them are battling malnutrition and basic healthcare needs. Malnutrition in Odisha is particularly troublesome for children under the age of 3 who live in tribal areas but 45% of children under the age 5 suffer from under nutrition, translating into loss of 3 million young lives a year.
Speaking on the initiative, Mr. Ravindra Kumar, President, SBI Life Insurance said, “We, at SBI Life Insurance, believe that every child in the country is an asset and a healthy, educated child is the greatest resource of the country. We are humbled with the opportunity to support Anand Marga School for addressing the malnutrition issues plaguing our communities and hope it helps build a brighter future for the children studying here.
In the past, SBI Life has also supported the school in development of washrooms for the use of children.