Sambal Yojana is a remarkable scheme to help workers in Problems: CM Shri Chouhan

New Delhi :Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that the family of all workers will get the benefit of Sambal-2.0 scheme. This scheme is remarkable as it benefit the beneficiaries in critical situations throughout their lives. The scheme is a support of the poor. Whether it is a matter of extending financial support at the time of accident or illness, in case of death of a family member of a beneficiary’s family, Sambal Yojana was launched to help workers through obstacles. The implementation of this scheme started in the year 2018. The previous government did not pay attention to the implementation of the scheme and withdrew it. The names of the beneficiaries were struck off from the lists. Many poor were deprived of its benefits. Now we have decided to implement it once again.

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan today transferred the amount under Sambal Yojana to families of labourers of all the districts of the state with a single click from his residence office. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan also interacted with the families of the labourers. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that according to the philosophy of Pt. Deendayal Upadhyay, Sambal Yojana is being implemented afresh with the aim of reaching the backmost person of the society.

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan today transferred Rs 551 crore 16 lakh to 25 thousand 982 labourer families of Sambal Yojana and Rs 22 crore 23 lakh to 1036 construction workers through a single click, thus transferring Rs 573 crore 39 lakh to the accounts of the beneficiaries in total 27 thousand 18 cases.

Addition of new beneficiaries

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that the state government has launched a more beneficiary-oriented Sambal Yojana this time. Also, now the process of adding more beneficiaries to the scheme will also be started. Lakhs of tendu leaf pluckers of the state have also been included as unorganized labourers in the new registration process. Applications can be made through MP Online, Nagrik Suvidha and Lok Seva Kendras. In the Sambal-2.0 scheme, those workers who were declared ineligible earlier will also be able to apply afresh. After receiving the application, beneficiaries will be provided benefits through tracking at each level.

Financial support is available in the event of death and disability

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that Sambal 2.0 scheme also has the provision that if the beneficiary’s application is canceled, he can make an appeal. An amount of Rs 4 lakh is given to the family in case of death in an accident under the Anugrah Sahayata Scheme to lakhs of labourers of the unorganized sector. Rs 2 lakh is provided in case of natural death. Similarly, Rs 2 lakh is provided in case of permanent disability and Rs one lakh for partial disability. An amount of Rs 5 thousand is given as funeral assistance. All those workers who do not get the benefit of social security like Provident Fund, Employees State Insurance Scheme, Gratuity etc are eligible for the scheme. If the beneficiary family has less than one hectare of agricultural land, beneficiary is not in government service and is not an income tax payer, he is eligible.

Full assistance to labourers in Madhya Pradesh with PM Shri Modi’s inspiration

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has taken concrete steps for the welfare of street vendors. With his inspiration, focus is being made on economically weaker sections in Madhya Pradesh. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that we see that today those doing small agricultural work are hardly able to make both ends meet. All our small vegetable vendors, labourers, tendu leaf pluckers , tea shop owners and members of organized and unorganized sector selling other items will be included in this scheme. All eligible beneficiaries will be linked to the scheme. The government stands with the labourers at the time of crisis. Madhya Pradesh has prioritized the welfare of labourers of the unorganized sector. The portal which has been launched today will also give impetus to the scheme. Beneficiaries can now apply from the Lok Seva Kendras. There is no need for them to visit offices frequently, the names of all will be added to the beneficiary list of the scheme.

Help the needy by giving maximum publicity to this humanitarian and wonderful scheme

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that today is a historic day. Information about this innovative and wonderful scheme is being disseminated to the Gram Panchayats and other institutions. The government will also promote it through various newspapers and media. This is a humanitarian plan. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that women who are unable to take adequate rest at the time of delivery, they will be given an amount of Rs 16 thousand under the scheme. Assistance given before delivery is Rs. 4000 at first and post-delivery assistance is Rs. 12 thousand. This scheme will prove to be helpful in removing the pain of delivery for the sisters. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that intelligence has no relation with poverty. There are talented children even in deprived families. Children of labourers would be provided with bicycles to go to school and gifted students would be given assistance for higher education. Sambal Yojana will do justice to all because of its beneficial provisions. The progress of the students will not stop. They will be made capable and prepared for the service of the nation. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that arrangements for treatment of diseases like cancer are also under the scheme. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan urged for publicity by all officers, employees and public representatives so that the benefits of the scheme reach maximum beneficiaries. With this, efforts to provide help to the needy people will be worthwhile.

Earlier, Labour and Mineral Resources Minister Brijendra Pratap Singh said that Chief Minister Shri Chouhan had implemented Sambal Yojana in the year 2018. The benefit of this scheme is available at different stages of life from birth to death. The number of registered construction workers in the state is 13 lakh 45 thousand. For them 19 schemes are operational. In the last financial year, an amount of 557 crore 45 lakh was provided in one lakh 81 thousand cases. An amount of Rs. 535 crore has been provided in cases of accidental death, Rs. 21 crore in cases of normal death, Rs. 3 crore 4 lakh in cases of disability. An amount of Rs. 105 crore has been given in more than 2 lakh cases as assistance for performing last rites. Today Sambal-2 scheme is being launched in the interest of the workers. With the initiative of Chief Minister Shri Chouhan, the children of labourers will also get the benefit of skill training by Crisp Institute in the field of technical education. Madhya Pradesh is the only state where four Shramodaya Vidyalayas are being operated. Migrant workers were also given full assistance during the Corona period. Even today, Chief Minister Shri Chouhan has transferred an amount of about Rs. 600 crores into the account of workers. Madhya Pradesh government takes maximum care of the workers.

Key Features of Sambal-2.0

The system started in 2018 for registration in Sambal 1.0 scheme was stopped in the year 2019, it has now been started again. After October 2018, the registration of eligible unorganised workers and tendu leaf pluckers who have completed 18 years of age has started. Those who were not given registration cards in the past, now registration cards are being issued to them. Earlier there was self-declaration on eligibility points at the time of registration in the scheme. Now a provision has been made to check the eligibility related points at the time of registration. The statement and photographs of other members of the applicant’s family and nearby persons have been made its basis. Earlier there was no system of verification of the hands of the beneficiaries, which has now been done. Similarly, the system of taking Aadhaar e-KYC and Aadhaar details of the deceased has been started. Now identification of genuine beneficiary and updation of Aadhaar information can be done. One person, one account related arrangement will be done from the portal. The applications for registration and scheme benefits were physically deposited in the janpad and urban body, now there are arrangements for online submission through the portal. Tracking through SMS will also be possible.

Chief Minister Chouhan’s interaction with the beneficiaries

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan interacted with the beneficiaries of Shahdol, Panna, Mandsaur, Jhabua and Singrauli districts. After discussing with the beneficiaries, he got information about the benefits being received from Sambal Yojana as well as other government schemes. The beneficiaries included Smt. Phulbai Baiga of Shahdol, Shri Rajaram Ahirwar of Panna, Smt. Santosh Bai of Mandsaur, Smt. Pappi Rathore of Jhabua and Smt. Poonam Chaurasia of Singrauli.

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan interacted intimately with the labour families who have faced various calamities. He also discussed with the beneficiary families about the benefits being received under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, ration distribution, Ayushman and other schemes. Rs. 2 lakh were given on the death of Smt. Phool Bai’s husband Lala Baiga, Rs. 4 lakh on the death of Shri Ravindra Ahirwar, son of Shri Rajaram Ahirwar, Rs. 2 lakh on the death of Smt. Santosh Bai’s husband Shri Dulaji, Rs. 2 lakh on the death of Smt. Pappi Rathore’s husband Shri Dinesh Rathore and Rs. 2 lakh on the death of Smt. Poonam Chaurasia’s husband Shri Bhagwanchandra Chaurasia.

Principal Secretary Labour Shri Sachin Sinha, Principal Secretary Public Relations Shri R

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