ROOTS OF ODISHA FOUNDATION and HIGH FIVE SOCIAL INNOVATION Organised world class online seminar on World Environment Day

New Delhi: World environment day was celebrated with a solemn online panel discussion organised by ‘High Five Social Innovation’ and ROOTS OF ODISHA FOUNDATION on 5 June. Leading panellists spoke on varied aspects relating to environment and health. Dr. Sadananda Sahoo was the special guest on the event which was coordinated by CA Sudhir Kumar Dash and the speakers of the occasion were Dr. Sadananda Sahoo, Dr. Srikanta Panigrahi, Madras Ravichandran, Dr. Bikram Kesharee Mohanty, Parveen Rani and Parul Singh.
Initiating the discusions in the session, CA Sudhir Kumar Dash, Chairman of ROOTS OF ODISHA FOUNDATION explained the motto of the ‘High Five Social Innovation’s and outlined the inspirations behind the programme which he said was aimed at addressing the glaring issues pertaining to our environment and health. Dr. Sadananda Sahoo said that the Covid 19 crisis had been a great lesson which needed to be reflected upon. Dr Srikant Panigrahi in his keynote address stressed on paying attention to environmental crisis more in the interest of ourselves than the planet. He also spoke about restoration of the ecosystem and resetting our relationship with nature.
Presenting his views on the subject, Mr. Ravichandran, the inventor of Anti Polutant machines and equipment said that innovation was the key to addressing environmental issues. Dr. Bikram Kesharee Mohanty said that the management of stress and tension held the key for enabling human beings to meet the challenges of the present day. Parul Singh, a renowned Clinical Psychologist discussed various ways available to us in managing the negative emotions. Dr. Vishal Kapoor in his address said that we all should serve as environmentalists and take care of the earth in the manner that suits us. Focusing on the psychological aspects of environmental issues, Parveen Rani, former Mrs UK India said that the Pandemic was giving us many reasons for being upset and we needed to stay strong and endeavour to stay happy.
Sujilt Kumar, who is also known as the Junior Kishore Kumar in the music fraternity, presented lively lyrical Hindi numbers which recharged the spirits in between the topical brainstorming which took place on the occasion. Well known singer Kalilsh Vaishav also enthralled the audience with his poignant Ghazals.
CA Sudhir Kumar Dash epressed his thanks to all the guests and audience for having made making the programme very successful. Dr. Sadananda Sahoo in his concluding remarks also thanked all the concerned for the effective conduct of the programme.

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