Raipur : Gandhiji’s dream of Gram Swaraj is being realized in Chhattisgarh through a rural industrial park

New Delhi :An independent and rapidly progressing rural industrial unit was the dream of Mahatma Gandhi. After looking at the first rural industrial park of Kanker, Gandhi Gram Kulgaon, we can actually feel Gandhi Ji’s dream being realized. The Chief Minister said so during the inauguration ceremony of Gandhi Gram Kulgaon. He said that he had given instructions to develop Gauthans as employment centers so that the larger population can be connected to the various employment-oriented activities. The Gandhi Gram Kulgaon is a beautiful example of how beneficial it can be in offering employment opportunities to people at a large scale. On this occasion, the Chief Minister paid tribute to Mahatma Gandhi by adorning his idol with a garland and then proceeded to conduct an inspection of the center. He procured rice from Dhenki. The Chief Minister said that it is our beautiful tradition that also retains the quality of the paddy. He also inspected the employment-generating activities of the various self-help groups. On this occasion, the Vidhansabha Vice President Mr. Manoj Mandavi, Women and Child Development Minister Mrs. Anila Bhendiya, Parliamentary Secretary Mr. Shishupal Sori, Advisor to the Chief Minister Mr. Rajesh Tiwari, and other public representatives were also present.

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The women were filled with delight at the decision of the remittance of the loan – The Forest Department had provided a cyclic loan of Rs. 50 Lakh to the Indira Van Mitan Group Kulgaon for building the Gandhi Gram Rural Industrial park. When the Chief Minister visited the park and saw the amazing creativity being employed at work, he decided to remit the cyclic loan of Rs. 50 Lakh. The women were delighted to hear the announcement made by the Chief Minister and thanked him profusely.

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Production of eggs through layer farming, fish feed production Chief Minister inspected the work of layer farming and egg production through a cage system at Adarsh Gauthan in the park. Women of Sheetla Self Help Group said that 150 to 180 eggs are being produced per day through layer farming which is being sold in Anganwadi. A profit of Rs 50, 000 has been earned. He also inspected the manufacturing process of fish feed being prepared by members of Puja Self-Help Group at Gandhi village Kulgaon. He interacted with the women of the group and inquired about the preparation method, available market, and income. Mr. Baghel also flagged off a vehicle containing 10 quintals of floating fish feed manufactured by the Women Self Help Group. He also took a stock of the Dona-Pattal manufacturing unit. About ten thousand dona-pattals are being manufactured here every day by Jai Budhadev Group. Saraswati Self Help Group is doing the processing of Pulses and Jai Seva Group is doing the processing of Turmeric Chilli. Similarly, the Chief Minister also interacted with the women getting training in Handloom Textile Training Center. Along with this, goat rearing activities are also being done here.

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Use steel knives to cut mangoes, and use nets for the collection of Mahua- The Chief Minister also gave suggestions to the members of the women group during the inspection of ongoing activities in the rural industrial park. He suggested women use steel knife for cutting mango as ‘Amchur’ turns black when cut with an iron knife. Stating that net is being used to collect Mahua in Katekalyan, he suggested they them to use nets as well. He said that cashew processing is being done in Bakavand, due to which 250 women have got employment. He suggested them to do processing of Chironji on a large scale for better income.

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