PM Narendra Modi urges the students to do something for environment on 5th June and similarly do Yoga along with family on 21st June

New Delhi: In a surprise move Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi joined an ongoing interaction of CBSE class 12th students. The interaction was organised by Ministry of Education and also attended by the parents of students.

Students from various parts of the country were connected in the virtual interaction. In order to strike a repo with students, Prime Minister used the words of their own language when he was speaking to the students of the non-Hindi areas.

PM lauded the students for their positivity and practicality and said that it is a matter of pleasure for our country that our students convert all difficulties and challenges into their strength and this is the strength of our country. He also praised the confidence of the students during the interaction.

The PM said that the experiences of yours are very important and will be useful in every stage of your life. He gave the example of team spirit which we learn in our schools and colleges. During the Corona time we have learnt these lessons in a new way and have seen the strength of team spirit of our country during this tough time.

PM urged the students to do something for environment on 5th June which is Environment Day and similarly do Yoga along with your family on 21st June which is International Day of Yoga. He also urged students to help their family members and neighbours in vaccination registration.

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