PM Narendra Modi asked state Governments must act tough on those inciting violence in name of Cow protection

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi at the All Party Meeting, in Parliament House, in New Delhi on July 16, 2017.

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked state Governments must act tough on those inciting violence in the name of Cow protection. PM Narendra Modi said this while addressing at the all-party meeting on Sunday.
English rendering of the Highlights from the Prime Minister’s Speech at the All Party Meeting on July 16, 2017
Monsoon Session: Respect for the time, resources and dignity of the Parliament
• Monsoon Session of the parliament gets underway tomorrow. The need of the hour is to ensure that we make maximum use of the time in this session. Barring a few exceptions, there has been a considerable increase in parliament productivity over the past three years. My thanks to all the political parties for this.

• I am quite optimistic that the time allocated for the business of the house would be utilized in an effective manner in the monsoon session and it will set a record in terms of parliamentary productivity. All political parties must co-operate in this regard.

• We can fulfill our responsibilities with a meaningful dialogue keeping in mind the time, resources and dignity of the house.

Thanks for GST
• I am grateful once again to all of you for having joined hands together for the implementation of GST

• GST has been in place for past 15 days and we have seen positive results in these 15 days. Check posts have been removed from the borders of many states and the movement of trucks has become easier.

• Centre has been working in close co-ordination with the states to bring on board the traders who have not yet been registered on GST platform by expediting the processes at the earliest.

Outcome of the Budget Session
• The budget session was convened was convened about a month ago. All political parties extended their co-operation. I would like to share positive outcome of the budget session.

• A major impact of advancing the budgetary process by a month has been that the funds allotted to several departments for various schemes reached before the monsoon season. Earlier, it used to take two to three months for the funds allocated to the schemes to reach up to the departments. The implementation was delayed due to the monsoon. It did not happen this time and there has not been any lag period after March. It has also provided three months additional time for the completion of infrastructure projects.

• According to the estimates from Controller General of Accounts, the expenditure in April-June this year has been 30% more than the same time previous year.

• Capital Expenditure in Infrastructure related projects has gone up by 48% over the previous year.

• The trend of expenditure in the schemes reflects that the funds allocated would be spent in a balanced manner throughout the year. Earlier, the expenditure used to begin after the monsoon and unnecessary pressure was there to spend the money before March. It was one of the reasons for the faults in the system.

Floods in North Eastern States
• Incessant rains in many parts of the country and the floods in the north eastern states has been a cause of concern. Centre is in constant touch with the state governments and the situation is being closely monitored. Many Central Government agencies are engaged in flood rescue and relief operations. State Governments have been told to inform urgently whenever they need any assistance.

Tough on terrorism
• Entire nation has been in a state of shock in the wake of the attack on Amarnath pilgrims by the terrorists. My heartfelt condolences to the pilgrims who were killed in this attack and my sympathies are with the families in this hour of grief. The Government will ensure that the perpetrators of this attack are brought to book.

• We are fully committed to maintain peace in Jammu and Kashmir and to wipe out the anti national elements from the state. The Government is trading the path laid down by Atal ji.

State Governments must act tough on those inciting violence in the name of Cow protection
• Some anti social elements have incited violence in the name of cow protection. Those engaged in disturbing the harmony in the country are trying to take advantage of the situation.

• It has an impact on the image of the nation. State Governments must deal sternly against such anti-social elements.

• Cow is revered as the mother in our country. Public sentiments are attached with the cow. However, people must know that there is a law to protect the cow and the violation of law is not an alternative.

• Maintaining law and order is the responsibility of State Governments and wherever these incidents are taking place, state Governments must deal firmly with it. The State Governments must also see to it that in the name of cow protection some people are settling their personal rivalry.

• All the political parties should condemn strongly this goondaism in the name of cow protection.

Acting against corruption
• Over the past few decades, the image of political leadership has been at crossroads due to the deeds of some of the leaders amongst us. We need to convince the people that every leader is not tainted and every leader is not only running after money.

• What is required that we have to be transparent in our public life and yet there should be action against corrupt leaders.

• The onus lies on the political parties to identify such leaders among them and segregate them from their political journey.

• If the law of the land is working, then we have to join hands together ward off the challenge from those who try to save themselves by raking up the issue of political conspiracy.

• Nation will not gain anything by standing with those who have plundered the nation.

• 75th anniversary of uit India Movement falls on 9th August . Parliament should discuss it.

• It would have been better had the Presidential election been held by consensus. However, it is a matter of satisfaction and pride that the election campaign has been a dignified one. All the political parties need to be congratulated. All parties must train their MPs and MLAs to cast their votes so that not a single vote is wasted.

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