PM Narendra Modi announces 21-day lockdown from midnight March 25; Rs 15,000 Crore allotted for improvement of medical facilities

Bhubaneswar: PM Narendra Modi launches 21-day lockdown from midnight March 25. Centre releases Rs 14000 crore for treatment of  coronavirus patients; testing facilities, PPEs, ICUs, ventilators and training medical workers says PM Modi.

Addressing the nation for the second time in a week, PM Modi said, “From 12 am of March 24 entire country will be on complete lockdown for three weeks (21 days) due to COVID-19,” said PM Modi.”

“Coronavirus has made many powerful countries helpless; challenges are increasing despite all efforts. Experts are saying that ‘social distancing’ is the only way to tackle coronavirus. Social distancing not only for infected but for every citizen including the prime minister,” added PM Modi

He added that the lockdown is in a way curfew and would be more stringent than Janata curfew.

PM Modi appealed to all the people to not venture outside their homes for this period. “One step outside can make way for coronavirus into your house. If we won’t follow the nationwide lockdown for 21 days, we will be pushed back by 21 years. With folded hands, I appeal to people not to go out of their homes,” added the PM.

PM shows a poster saying corona means ‘Koi Road Par Na Nikle’ (No one should come out on roads).

The PM asserted, “I have full faith that we will emerge victorious from this challenge. He asked people to take care of themselves and their family. He urged the citizens to not believe in rumours. “Don’t believe in rumours and superstitions; don’t take any medicines without consulting doctors,” warned the PM

“I have requested all states that health services should be first priority in this situation. Centre has made the allocation of Rs 15,000 crore to strengthen health infrastructure to tackle coronavirus,” announced PM Modi.

“All steps being taken by central and state government to ensure supply of essential items. This is time for patience and discipline; I appeal to you with folded hands to remember people putting their lives at risk for our safety,” added the PM.

PM Modi has been interacting with various stakeholders on ways to check the spread of the deadly virus. Many businesses have suffered irreparable losses due to shutdown and restrictions in the aftermath of the coronavirus epidemic and thousands of jobs have been lost.

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