PM Modi’s Musical Collaboration ‘Abundance in Millets’ Nominated for Grammy Award

Falu and Gaurav Shah's 'Abundance in Millets' Featuring PM Modi Secures Prestigious Grammy Nomination

New Delhi, November 10, 2023 : In a remarkable fusion of music and advocacy, the special song “Abundance in Millets,” featuring Prime Minister Narendra Modi in collaboration with Indian-American singer Falu, has garnered a prestigious nomination for the upcoming Grammy Awards. The song, crafted to promote the nutritional benefits of millets, has been recognized in the Best Global Music Performance category.

Performed by the acclaimed Mumbai-born singer-songwriter Falguni Shah, widely known as Falu, and her husband, singer Gaurav Shah, “Abundance in Millets” has captured attention for its unique blend of musical artistry and a powerful message on the significance of incorporating millets into our diets.

The nomination under the Best Global Music Performance category is a testament to the international recognition of this innovative collaboration. The song not only showcases the musical talents of Falu and Gaurav Shah but also features Prime Minister Narendra Modi, contributing his voice to champion the cause of millets.

Millets, known for their nutritional value and sustainable cultivation, have gained prominence as a key element in promoting healthy and diverse diets. The “Abundance in Millets” song, with its catchy tunes and meaningful lyrics, serves as a creative medium to raise awareness about the benefits of incorporating millets into everyday meals.

The Grammy nomination further underscores the global impact of India’s cultural collaborations and the influence of music in spreading important messages. As the nation eagerly awaits the Grammy Awards ceremony, scheduled for the near future, the recognition of “Abundance in Millets” stands as a proud moment for both the artistic and advocacy realms.

This unique musical initiative not only brings together diverse talents but also amplifies the significance of sustainable and nutritious food choices. The collaboration between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Falu adds a distinctive touch to this musical celebration, creating a harmonious bridge between culture, health, and global recognition.

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