Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik asks bureaucrats to take state to next level of governance

Bhubaneswar: Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik asks bureaucrats to take state to next level of governance. CM Patnaik said this while launching the Vision Odisha.

Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik today asked the state bureaucracy to take bold decisions to assure all kind of support to people in the state.

The CM urged Team Odisha to take the state to the next level of governance and said it should be a modern, empowered, progressive new Odisha.

Full text of CM Naveen Patnaik speech below:
When I took office in 2000, Odisha was in a state of despair – a state in hopelessly tough situation with endemic poverty – state finances in shambles – infrastructure in a pathetic condition – almost at the bottom in most of the socio-economic indicators. Our agriculture was subsistence and we had to depend on other States for our own food security. The State had made International headlines for its unpreparedness in handling of the Super Cyclone.
Through sheer team work, commitment and our pro people policies, we have come a long way in the last 17 years. We can look into the eye of the storm and have set global benchmarks in disaster management.
While the country has acknowledged what we have achieved in certain sectors, be it poverty reduction, reduction of IMR & MMR, ease of doing business, providing rural housing and road connectivity to increasing farmers’ incomes and agricultural production, women’ empowerment, I fully understand that we need to do much more and put Odisha in a place where other states will look up to us.
The recognition of Best Administrator in the country is a reflection of the relentless hard work and dedication of Team Odisha – of each one of you. It’s not a mean achievement for a state which suffers from several natural disasters year after year with not much support from successive Central Governments. In spite of this thanks to the resilience of the people of Odisha we have overcome many odds and reached here.
All of you have worked for the betterment of the state. Without your hard work and commitment, we couldn’t have walked thus far. But we have huge challenges before us. My government stands for people centric governance where the outcome is always measured in terms of empowerment of the citizens. Our focus on the 3Ts- Team work, Transparency and Technology is well tested to bring about Transformation. All of you must provide adequate leadership to your team where each member will work without fear, deliver the schemes and programmes without favour. Let Team Odisha show to the World the way to transform governance for public good. Let Team Odisha resolve to make the state the Best State to live in. Let Team Odisha create a new brand of development.
If we can ensure zero casualty in the face of a super cyclone,
If we can build one million houses in two years,
If we can better the national average in IMR,
If we can move a record 8 million people out of poverty,
If we can be the only State to double agricultural income and play a vital role in National Food Security,
If we can settle the maximum lands to tribals under the Forest Rights Act,
If we can lead the country by having the No. 1 Smart City….
If we can have half a million tribal students in residential schools…
If we can take up the challenge of hosting a global sporting event in 90 days and set benchmarks in that too….
Team Odisha has shown it can Deliver.
The old stereotypes of Odisha have been broken.
Take bold decisions keeping people as the focus. I will stand behind you. All your good work will be recognised and rewarded.
I want Team Odisha to take the State to the next level of Governance – to a modern, empowered, progressive New Odisha.